8 Fastest Minecraft Speedruns Ever

Many gamers have taken up speedrunning Minecraft since the game was first released. Although there may be thousands of players, only a select few make it to the top of the scoreboard.

In speedrunning, players aim to beat a video game in the shortest time.

It is mind-boggling to think that some players have finished the game in less than ten minutes, given how long players usually take to complete it. When attempting a speedrun in Minecraft, players will only worry about the most fundamental aspects of the game. Here are some of the fastest and record-breaking speed runs in Minecraft.

8. nEmerald

Time: 11 minutes 22 seconds
Date: June 9, 2021
 Seed: 1818725263831511874
Twitch Username: nEmerald_ (old account) n3merald (new account)

nEmeraldphoto source: nEmerald on YouTube

The placement of the spawn point is essential to any successful speed run. The run of Emerald is not an exception. Because they contain a significant number of the objects required to go to the next objective, villages are an essential component of the run. Emerald was successful in locating one right away and was able to make a speedy journey to the Nether as a result.

When you reach the Nether, your first objective should be to locate a Stronghold so that you may eliminate Blazes and loot their rods. After escaping the Nether, you will need these Blaze Rods to construct the Eyes of Ender and navigate your way to the End portal.

Emerald immediately located a Stronghold, but it turned out that it was beneath them, so it took them some crucial time to construct their way up to it. Every time they go for a run, runners commit to this flexibility since every run has the potential to be the record.

Did You Know:

nEmerald is a SOLW SSG World Recorder Holder.

7 Couriway

Time: 11 minutes and 15 seconds
Date: May 13, 2021
 Seed: 6933077906883194765
Twitch Username: Couriway

Couriwayphoto source: Couriway on YouTube

Couriway moved up the leaderboard thanks to a solid seed, fast reactions, and a run so close to being erased that it almost did not happen at all. However, the fact that he beat his previous best time by three minutes demonstrates that changing the seed might result in different gameplay styles and outcomes.

As Couriway’s run draws to a close, they have trouble positioning and triggering the beds that will cause them to explode and kill the Ender Dragon. They swiftly devise a plan and execute it by pulling out an axe, striking the dragon, digging another hole, placing a bed, and completing the task with time to spare.

After what happened with the bed, most racers would have probably called it a day, but by having a level mind, you could secure the third-place record.

Did You Know:

Couriway has won Minecraft one thousand times in a row on a completely random seed.

6. TheeSizzler

Time: 11 minutes and 7 seconds
Date: March 20, 2021
 Seed: 534577935224618238
Twitch Username: TheeSizzler

TheeSizzlerphoto source: TheeSizzler on YouTube

TheeSizzler is quite comfortable racing at high speeds. So it is not surprising that they are consistently on the scoreboard, given that they had previously held at least one or two world records across many speedrun categories in Minecraft.

While most other runners choose to play on the Easy difficulty, they challenge themselves by playing on the Normal setting.

The run created by TheeSizzler is an excellent illustration of the wayfinding standard included in runs. Runners can bring up their current in-game coordinates by pressing the F3 key on their keyboards. Then, they can position themselves in appropriate locations for portals and, ideally, near Strongholds since they are familiar with the game’s intricacies and can use deduction to determine these locations.

Did You Know:

TheeSizler has vowed never to utilize a shield during a Minecraft speed run.

5. Corobo

Time: 10 minutes and 28 seconds
Date: January 20, 2022
 Seed: 7624052645038291270
Twitch Username: Corobo

Corobophoto source: Corobo on YouTube

Corobo finished the speedrun in January 2022 in 10 minutes and 28 seconds; they began their adventure by unearthing a long-lost treasure hoard. Then, they quickly constructed the necessary tools and made their way to the Nether.

They came upon bastion remnants, looted a chest, and conducted business with the Piglins. After that, the gang went to a fortress in the Nether, where they could acquire flaming rods.

The instant they were transported back to the Overworld, a nether portal materialized in one of the strongholds, providing them with a tremendous advantage. They finished out the dragon and then established a respawn anchor in the realm of End before moving on to the next level.

Did You Know:

Corobo was able to loot a chest when they stumbled upon bastion remnants. The bastion remnants may be discovered in four of the five different biomes that make up the Nether, except the Basalt Deltas. Piglins, Piglin Brutes, Hoglins, and Magma Cubes all call this gigantic construction in Minecraft that resembles a castle their home.

4. natemeister

Time: 10 minutes and 24 seconds
Date: December 12, 2021
 Seed: 1734138401963105362
Twitch Username: natemeister

natemeisterphoto source: natemeister on YouTube

In January of 2022, natemeister finished the speedrun in 10 minutes and 24 seconds, which earned him a place among the greats. Additionally, they unearthed a chest at the beginning of the speed run. They traveled into the Subterranean immediately and discovered both the bastion and the nether stronghold to obtain the essential goods.

They then traveled to the Overworld, where they utilized a calculator to locate the stronghold more quickly. Finally, they traveled back to the Nether and constructed a gateway that led them straight into the heart of the fortress. In the end, they could enter the End domain and vanquish the dragon there.

3. MoleyG

Time: 10 minutes and 2 seconds
Date: December  2021
 Seed: 8767524212631430171
Twitch Username: moleyg

MoleyGphoto source: MoleyG on YouTube

MoleyG finished the game in December 2021 with a time of 10 minutes and 2 seconds, which earned him a spot on this list. They began the speedrun like everyone else did by raiding ships and traveling into the Nether to collect the necessary goods.

Thanks to their fortunate teleportation location near a Nether castle, they were able to acquire blazing rods quickly.

After some time had passed, they visited the ruins of the bastion and then returned to the Overworld in search of their stronghold. It took them some time to locate the fortress and end portal, but they swiftly defeated the dragon once they did.

2. Brentilda

Time: 9 minutes and 36 seconds
Date: May 2021
 Seed: 8767524212631430171
Twitch Username: Brentilda

Brentildaphoto source: Brentilda on YouTube

In May of 2021, Brentilda finished the Minecraft speedrun in under 9 minutes and 36 seconds, which was good enough for them to be ranked among the best of the best. Because of their insane luck and incredible talent, they held the world record for most of the year 2021.

Brentilda began his Minecraft speedrun in the 1.16 version of the game, much like many other players before him. He arrived in the world and located a community almost immediately, which provided him with a head start.

He took whatever he could obtain from the settlement, such as food, beds, wood, and iron, and then went into the Subterranean, where he discovered a bastion remnant and a nether stronghold.

The crucial moment came when they teleported back to the Overworld and respawned in the area adjacent to the dungeon’s exit. Because of this, they could finish the game in under 10 minutes, saving them a lot of time.

Did You Know?

Brentilda is one of the first to finish a speed run in less than ten minutes.

1. Cube1337x

Time: 9 minutes and 8 seconds
Date: January 2022
 Seed: 5182416045755256460
Twitch Username: Cube1337x

Cube1337xphoto source: 

Cube1337x’s 9 minutes and 8 seconds time earned him the record for having the fastest speedrun in Minecraft. He completed the speedrun in January 2022, and his application was accepted the following month, in February 2022.

Following the standard procedure for a speedrun, he plundered a shipwreck and then traveled into the Nether to locate both of the structures required to collect the necessary materials.

They engaged in a fierce battle against many Blazes and carefully removed all of the Wither skeletons from the bridge to prevent the wither status effect from being applied. Killing Blazes is a vital aspect of the speedrun since players require blaze rods to build eyes of ender, which are necessary to locate the stronghold.

After amassing a sufficient number of blazing rods, they traveled back to the Overworld and launched one eye of ender.

Cube1337x went back into the Nether after determining its path and then walked a few blocks in the same way before exiting the Nether again. This allowed it to travel eight times the distance in the Overworld.

After some time had passed, he utilized a specialized calculator to locate the fortress, and then he returned to the Nether to teleport there. He immediately found the room containing the end portal, traveled to the End realm, and vanquished the dragon there.

Did You Know?

Cube1337x was surprised that the nether portal moved them inside the fortress after establishing another one to return to the Overworld. In a speedrun, this unusual event saves time.

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