10 Fastest Harley Davidson Models Ever

Since its founding in 1903, Harley-Davidson has been at the forefront of motorcycle production. They have released some of the most iconic motorcycles throughout the years.

Although Harley-Davidsons aren’t commonly associated with extreme speed, several models can keep up with the rest of the motorcycle industry. Most Harley riders don’t go out of their way to hit the bike’s peak speed because the classic Big Twin design is intended for cruising.

Despite this, Harley-Davidson has built some incredibly quick bikes. These are the fastest Harley-Davidson models ever produced.

10. 1998 FXST Softail

0-60 Time: 4.8 Seconds
Horsepower: 47.59 hp
Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price: $15,800
 Availability: Discontinued

1998 FXST Softailphoto source:  Motorcycle News

The 1998 FXST Softail has a big, detachable windscreen, a studded-leather dual seat with lumbar support for the rider and a passenger backrest, a complete front fender with chrome trim, a chromed, staggered, shorty exhaust system with twin mufflers, analog instrument dials, studded-leather saddlebags, and laced wheels.

The engine is a four-stroke, air-cooled, 1337 cc, 45-degree V-Twin mated to a five-speed manual gearbox with a belt final drive rated at 58 horsepower at 5000 revs.

Did You Know:

The first FXST Softail motorcycle was released in 1984.

9. 2017 Roadster

0-60 Time: 4.7 Seconds
Horsepower: 67 hp
Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price: $11,299
 Availability: Available

2017 Roadsterphoto source:  Motorcycle Cruiser

Although not advertised as a successor for the too-long-since-discontinued Sportster XR1200X, the Harley-Davidson Sportster Roadster is undeniably a motorbike encourages enthusiastic riding. The sharp drop-off is immediately in front, with 43mm inverted forks and twin disc brakes.

Due to the Roadster’s excellent front end and big wheels, which give it the best lean angle in the Sportster lineup, the Dunlop tires may be put through a bit of a workout.

The Harley-Davidson Roadster is a stripped-down, powerful cruiser with an aggressive yet comfortable riding posture, a 1200cc V-Twin engine, and a performance-oriented design. The Roadster also has a slight increase in torque compared to other Sportsters, which complements its stable handling.

While the Roadster’s café design may make you question its comfort, its ergonomics are conducive to all-day journeys. The Roadster is equally at home in canyons as it is navigating city streets.

Did You Know:

The front steering geometry of the RoadsterTM is optimized for rapid, agile handling, allowing you to traverse urban situations easily.

8. 2014 Softail Deluxe

0-60 Time: 4.5 Seconds
Horsepower: 78.5 hp
Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price: $19,499
 Availability: Discontinued

2014 Softail Deluxephoto source:  Gasoline Motor Co.

The model’s name derives from the fact that it looks like a traditional “hardtail” design with no rear suspension but conceals a pair of springs and shock absorbers. It has a strong, air-cooled Twin Cam 103TM Harley engine with a 6-speed cruise drive gearbox, delivering additional performance power for passing, climbing hills, and carrying passengers and baggage.

The seat on this vintage two-up FLSTN Softail Deluxe model allows you to travel elegantly. At 24.5 inches, it is one of the lowest seat heights available. It is also ergonomically built to facilitate solo or tandem riding, particularly for riders with shorter inseams. The “collapsing” sidewalls and removable passenger seat pillion produce a small seat profile.

7. 2018 Softail Heritage Classic 114

0-60 Time: 4.4 Seconds
Horsepower: 94 hp
Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price: $21,199
 Availability: Available

2018 Softail Heritage Classic 114photo source:  Cycle World

The 2018 Softail Heritage Classic 114, inspired by the Panhead of the 1950s, is given a current aesthetic makeover that brings it to the dark side. Thank the 2018 Softail Deluxe’s extremely conventional chrome finish for allowing us to experiment with the new Heritage in this manner.

The 114ci Milwaukee-Eight V-Twin propels it from 0 to 60 mph, 9 percent faster than the 107ci version, and boosts roll-on acceleration from 60 to 80 mph in fifth gear by 13 percent. The tubular mild steel frame has also been modified and is now 65% stiffer than the previous Softail frame.

This new chassis has 50 percent fewer component parts, 22 percent fewer welds, and, when combined with the solid-mounted engine, is 34 percent stiffer overall. These modifications and others contribute to a 32-pound weight reduction for the Heritage Classic.

Did You Know:

The Heritage Classic is now fitted with a Daymaker Signature LED headlight and “winged” LED turn signals, just like the other 2018 S

6. 2016 Sportster 48

0-60 Time: 4.3 Seconds
Horsepower: 67.05 hp
Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price: $11,749
 Availability: Available

2016 Sportster 48photo source:  Motorcycle Cruiser

Everything fantastic about the 48 has been amplified to a greater degree with the 2016 Sportster 48. The 2016 model has a better seat and suspension, innovative lightweight mag wheels, and awesome brakes. Additionally, the tank has graphics influenced by the 1970s.

Cartridge damping is inside the new 39mm forks, and the Michelin Scorcher 31 tire on the 16-inch wheel is a 130/90 beast. The Forty-Eight also receives a new, lower-sitting seat and a tool for setting the preload on its new emulsion shocks. Chrome exhaust shields over blacked-out mufflers are another distinguishing feature of the 48.

The solid color editions have artwork inspired by AMF, while the Hard Candy Custom paint jobs have their own unique flair. A 2.1-gallon tank will put you on first-name terms with the neighborhood gas station attendant.

Did You Know:

The initial Sportster model was introduced in 1957.

5. 2014 Street Glide Special

0-60 Time: 4.3 Seconds
Horsepower: 92.5 hp
Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price: $21,654
 Availability: Available

2014 Street Glide Specialphoto source:  Auto Trader

The Special takes the regular Street Glide hot-rod bagger and adds various enhancements, including Reflex Linked Brakes with ABS, the Boom! Box 6.5 GT multimedia system, CVO-styled hand-adjustable rear suspension, and a gloss black inner fairing.

The Street Glide Special is propelled by a 103-cubic-inch engine that generates 104.7 lb-ft of torque at 3,250 rpm. The engine is coupled to a 6-speed Cruise Drive gearbox equipped with an Isolated Drive System (IDS). The 2014 Harley-Davidson Street Glide Special rides on a single-spar, solid backbone frame, and a sturdy swingarm “designed to endure the demands of long-distance touring riders and today’s powerful engines.”

The 2014 Harley-Davidson Street Glide touring motorcycle has full-length rider footboards, height-adjustable passenger footboards, and a six-gallon fuel tank for long rides.

Did You Know:

It was released with Project RUSHMORE to commemorate Harley-Davidson’s 110th anniversary.

4. 2013 Sportster 1200 Custom

0-60 Time: 4.2 Seconds
Horsepower: 67.7 hp
Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price: $10,499
 Availability: Available

2013 Sportster 1200 Customphoto source:  Dancing the Polka

The Harley-Davidson 1200 Custom boasts a pull-back handlebar, a redesigned LED tail lamp, and its large front end and massive 16-inch tire. The 1200 Custom featured H-D1 factory customization, allowing customers to tailor fit, function, and style by selecting from seven option areas.

The user may construct a customized 1200 Custom by picking from available factory-installed wheels, handlebars, seats, color, foot control position, security system, and engine finish. The 1200 Custom has a unique appearance, yet it is a Sportster to the core, blending bold style, quick handling, and seductive V-Twin performance.

Did You Know:

The original Sportster series was terminated in Europe in 2020 due to the engine’s inability to fulfill Euro 5 pollution requirements.

3. 2016 Softail Slim S

0-60 Time: 3.9 Seconds
Horsepower: 92.50 hp
Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price: $18,499
 Availability: Discontinued

2016 Softail Slim Sphoto source:  Medium

The 2016 Harley-Davidson Softail Slim S has a purposeful appearance due to its military-inspired graphics, single seat, and extensive black paint. Harley-Davidson equipped the Slim S with a powertrain to match its attitude: a Screamin’ Eagle Stage I high-flow air filter and a Screamin’ Eagle Twin Cam 110B engine. The Slim S boasts a 16-inch fat front tire and a thick Dunlop Harley-Davidson rear tire that transmits 109 ft/lb of torque to the road for a solid ride.

New and improved features are included in the base price of this vehicle. These include electronic cruise control, a hydraulic clutch, the Smart Security System (with a hands-free fob), and anti-lock brakes.

This bicycle has a competitive advantage over some of its other models due to its name’s “Slim” component. It lacks the boxy appearance of previous Softails but retains the large and powerful V-twin engine. The matte army green finish is a factory option that should be selected by anybody considering purchasing one of these; it looks excellent. This bike has a good 0-60 time of 3.9 seconds.

Did You Know:

The Slim S is the lightest Harley motorcycle with a 110ci Twin Cam engine.

2. 2010 V-Rod Muscle

0-60 Time: 3.7 Seconds
Horsepower: 123.05 hp
Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price: $17,599
 Availability: Discontinued

2010 V-Rod Musclephoto source:  Total Motorcycle

The 2010 MY Harley Davidson V-Rod Muscle VRSCF has a 1250cc, 60-degree, liquid-cooled, V-twin engine mated to a five-speed manual transmission that generates 115 Nm of torque. This motorcycle has one of the most aggressive designs in the MoCo lineup and is intended for the more daring riders.

Teardrop reflector-optic headlight, forward-mounted foot pegs, and controls, a 240mm wide rear tire, a slipper clutch, a race-derived Brembo braking system with twin front disc brakes, styled rear shocks with black springs, 43mm inverted forks, a side-mounted license plate, a satin black headlamp bucket, an angular airbox with side covers, and a platinum powder-coated engine with polished covers are all standard features.

1. 2001 V-Rod

0-60 Time: 3.5 Seconds
Horsepower: 115–125 hp
Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price: $16,995
 Availability: Discontinued

2001 V-Rodphoto source:  Motorcycle Cruiser

With a 0-60 time of 3.5 seconds, the 2001 V-Rod is the fastest Harley-Davidson model ever. It was released in 2001 to compete with Japanese and American muscle motorcycles. The Harley-Davidson VRSCA V-1,131 Rod’s 1,131 cc, 60-degree, liquid-cooled, V-twin engine produces 115 horsepower and 100 Nm of torque.

The Revolution engine is based on the VR-1000 Superbike race program, designed by the Powertrain Engineering division of Harley-Davidson.

This bike has a wonderful appearance, better than the V-Rod above, due to its color, which reveals the frame and how the fairings are constructed to promote airflow over the bike. It has a wonderful appearance, accompanied by a rather excellent performance.

Did You Know:

The V-Rods are the first Harley-Davidson street bikes to include liquid cooling and twin overhead camshafts.

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