10 Fastest Rubik’s Cube Solve Times Ever

The Rubik’s cube is a popular puzzle game that has challenged people for decades. The game’s objective is to rotate the cube’s squares until all sides match a single color. Speedcubing is a sport where people attempt to solve the Rubik’s cube as quickly as possible.

The world record for the fastest solve of a Rubik’s cube is constantly broken, with the current record holder solving the cube in under 4 seconds. This is possible through years of practice and advanced techniques such as finger tricks and memorization. There are also competitions held worldwide for speedcubing enthusiasts to showcase their skills.

10. Patrick Ponce

Speed Time: 4.24 seconds
Birthday: March 30, 2002
Country: United States of America
 Competition: Northeast Championship 2019
 Years Active: 2012-present

Patrick Poncephoto source: redbull.com

Patrick Ponce is a speedcuber from the United States. Ponce is from New Jersey and began cubing in early 2012. He had a 25.87-second average at his first competition, Princeton Fall 2012, but by early 2014, he was achieving sub-10-second averages for 3×3.

He had the fastest single 3×3 solve of the competition at the 2017 World Championships in Paris (5.47 seconds). On September 2, 2017, he set the world record for a 3×3 single at the Rally In The Valley 2017 competition in Virginia, USA, with a time of 4.69 seconds.

Did You Know:

Patrick won the 3×3 event at the CubingUSA Nationals 2019 in Baltimore, Maryland, with an average time of 7.05 seconds, becoming the US National Champion in 3×3.

9. Feliks Zemdegs

Speed Time: 4.16 seconds
Birthday: December 20, 1995
Country: Australia
 Competition: Auckland Summer Open 2020
 Years Active: 2009-present

Feliks Zemdegsphoto source: thewest.com.au

Feliks began cubing in April 2008 after viewing Dan Brown’s “How to Solve a Rubik’s Cube” video on YouTube. He began color neutral because Dan Brown advised him to solve the easiest cross first. He got to sub-20 in 4 months, sub-15 in 9 months, and sub-10 in June 2009.

On 30 January 2010, he set his first world records at his second competition, the Melbourne Summer Open 2010: a 9.21 second 33 average and a 42.01 second 44 average. His preferred 33 cube at the time was a Type Alpha V. From then until 23 April 2017, he continuously held the 33 average world record, improving it eight times.

Did You Know:

Feliks Zemdegs prefers color-neutral CFOP. His meteoric rise in 2009 and Rowe Hessler’s previous success fueled the current popularity of color neutrality in 3×3 speedsolving.

8. Matty Hiroto Inaba

Speed Time: 4.13 seconds
Country: United States
 Competition: Bay Area Speedcubin’ 39 2022
 Years Active: 2016-present

Matty Hiroto Inabaphoto source: worldcubeassociation.org

Waimea’s Matty Inaba won the 3×3 Rubik’s Cube competition at the North American Championship in Canada. Inaba solved the puzzle in 4.27 seconds during a competition in Canada. Currently, 4.13 seconds is his best for 2022.

He studies at Hawaii Preparatory Academy and enjoys painting landscapes, playing baseball, and golfing with his friends.

Did You Know:

Inaba completed solves as of 2022 are 1476 in total.

7. Ruihang Xu (许瑞航)

Speed Time: 4.06 seconds
Country: China
 Competition: Wuhan Open 2021
 Years Active: 2017-present

Ruihang Xuphoto source: i.ytimg.com

Ruihang was just 12 years old when he achieved 6.21 seconds for the 3 x 3 Rubik’s Cube event in Nanchang Good Afternoon 2021. According to World Cube Association, he had 29 competitions in total and completed solves of 1,156 as of January 2023. His first competition event was Yangzhou Open 2017, held in China, with 15.47 seconds during the first round.

6. Max Siauw

Speed Time: 4.03 seconds
Country: United States
 Competition: BC Cubing Springback A 2022
 Years Active: 2017-present

Max Siauwphoto source: worldcubeassociation.org

“Speedcubing is undoubtedly my biggest pastime. As its name suggests, speedcubing is the sport in which you attempt to solve a Rubik’s Cube (one of the highest-selling toys of all time!) at really high speeds. Cubing is something I do both at home and in World Cube Association (WCA) competitions,” according to Max on his website.

Max’s accomplishments include being the Rubik’s Cube North American Record Holder, Speedcubing Ambassador for TheCubicle, the world’s most prominent cubing retailer with 200,000 YouTube subscribers, raising $3000 for the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine at Bothell Spring 2022, a speedcubing competition, and more.

Did You Know:

Max was featured in The Age, an Australian newspaper.

5. Tymon Kolasiński

Speed Time: 3.97 seconds
Country: Poland
 Competition: WCA European Championship 2022
 Years Active: 2016-present

Tymon Kolasińskiphoto source: worldcubeassociation.org

Tymon Kolasiski is a speedcuber from Poland who specializes in 3×3, 4×4, 5×5, 6×6, 7×7, and Pyraminx. He is well-known for being the first person in WCA history to achieve a sub-5 3×3 average. In the final WCA World Championship 2019, he became the Pyraminx world champion with an average of 2.40.

4. Asher Kim-Magierek

Speed Time: 3.89 seconds
Country: United States
 Competition: Rose City 2022
 Years Active: 2017-present

Asher Kim-Magierekphoto source:  redd.it

Asher Kim-Magierek is a speedcuber from Oregon. According to WCA history, his first competition was Keep Portland Weird 2017 and placed 46th in the first round with 16.49 seconds in the Single category. His improvement through time is impressive, leading him to be one of the fastest players. He had 48 competitions in total and completed solves of 2416 as of January 2023.

3. Jode Brewster

Speed Time: 3.88 seconds
Country: Australia
 Competition: Tassie Summer 2023
 Years Active: 2016-present

Jode Brewsterphoto source: content.api.news

Jode Brewster, a Tasmanian cubing sensation, has just broken the 33 Oceanic Continental Record with a time of 3.88 seconds. The impressive feat places the 18-year-old Hobart teen third in the world for 33 single and tenth in the world for 33 average. Brewster was ranked as the world’s eighth-best Rubik Cuber in August of 2022 after completing a cube in just 5.72 seconds.

2. Max Park

Speed Time: 3.63 seconds
Birthday: November 28, 2001
Country: United States
 Competition: Circle City Summer 2022
 Years Active: 2012-present

Max Parkphoto source: guinnessworldrecords.com

Max Park is a speedcuber from the United States. In 2016, he rose to prominence by setting North American records in the 4x4x4 and 5x5x5 Cubes and a world record average (10.59 seconds) in the 3x3x3 One-Handed.

In April 2017, he broke Feliks Zemdegs’ 7-year Rubik’s Cube average world record with a world record average (25.53 seconds) for the 4x4x4 Cube, followed by a world record average (6.39 seconds) for the 3x3x3 Rubik’s Cube.

He won the US Nationals tournament in July 2017 for the 3x3x3, 4x4x4, and 5x5x5 events and the 3x3x3 One-Handed. He won the 3x3x3 event and the One-Handed event at the World Championship 2017 in Paris just a week later.

Did You Know:

Max Park has autism but has managed to be one of the world’s fastest cubers.

1. Yusheng Du (杜宇生)

Speed Time: 3.47 seconds
Country: China
 Competition: Wuhu Open 2018
 Years Active: 2015-present

Yusheng Duphoto source: ruwix.com

Yusheng Du has the fastest Rubik’s cube solve time in history. He is from China. On November 24, 2018, at the Wuhu Open 2018, he set a new Rubik’s Cube single World Record of 3.47 seconds. This was 0.75 seconds faster than Feliks Zemdegs’ previous record of 4.22 seconds.

He started competing in 2015, according to WCA history. His first competition was at Heilongjiang Open 2015, and won first place in the final round with 9.12 seconds.

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