10 Weapons With Fastest TTK In Call Of Duty: Warzone

Call of Duty: Warzone is one of the most popular first-person shooter games. Its wide variety of authentic firearms is a big selling point to gamers. The adversary can be killed in various methods here, but you’ll need speed and efficiency if you want to make it out alive.

For beginners and expert gamers, the TTK is important when picking out your weapons. TTK stands for “time to kill’. The time it takes for an enemy to be killed is a major criterion for determining a weapon’s effectiveness in Call of Duty: Warzone.

Still, a gun’s potential for success in the meta depends on more than just its TTK. Determining a firearm is meta also depends on its accuracy, recoil management, and damage output.

A weapon’s TTK is essential to winning the game and is a crucial factor you must consider when assembling your arsenal. The faster the TTK, the better. Here are some of the best weapons in Warzone with the fastest TTK.

9. NZ-41

Fire Rate: 400 RPM
Weapon Type: Primary Weapon
How to Unlock: Reach Level 41
Weapon Class: Rifle
 Release: Halloween Scream

NZ-41photo source: PCGamesN

Attachments are needed to maximize the NZ-41’s full-auto assault rifle capabilities. Before Warzone Season 4, certain NZ-41 attachments were greatly enhanced. Thus, this assault rifle is a top battle royale weapon.

Though it lacks recoil control, some loadouts make the NZ-41 one of the best Warzone assault rifles. However, the correct attachments can reduce this additional recoil almost completely. As a result, it’s a powerful and accurate AR that thrives at mid-to-long range confrontations. The finest NZ-41 loadout kills foes in four hits or two headshots.

NZ-41 is the greatest mid-range assault rifle despite nerfs. Its recoil isn’t great, but with the suitable NZ-41 loadout and proper use (say it, don’t spray it), you’ll get rapid TTK. Of course, you’ll need to practice the shooting rhythm, but your foes are done once you do.

Did You Know:

In the game files, the NZ-41 is called the Charlton.


Fire Rate: 451 RPM
Weapon Type: Primary Weapon
How to Unlock: Season 6 Battle Pass, Tier 31
Weapon Class: Assault Rifle
 Release: Season 6

AS VALphoto source: Pro Game Guides

Despite being an assault rifle, the AS VAL fires at a fast rate of fire, making it function more like an SMG with a slightly superior range. So, using the AS VAL as sniper support is what we advise. And who in Warzone is the best sniper? Naturally, the ZRG 20mm.

Using the AS Val is risky because it has a relatively low magazine range despite having a very high TTK. You must pick your battles with the assault rifle AS VAL, which has one of the fastest TTK in Warzone. The tiny magazine (only 30 bullets) and poor range are the biggest deterrents to purchasing an AS VAL loadout.

Because a gun without ammunition is useless, regardless of how good it is, these issues might be problematic in games with more participants.

The weapon’s unique features include an integrated silencer and an insanely high rate of fire (923 RPM), which is higher than the average for submachine guns. Meanwhile, the fast rate of fire sacrifices accuracy and control, and the magazine is constantly empty.

Did You Know:

The AS Val’s legendary variations can be obtained by airdrops or as floor loot in high-tier locations.

7. FAL

Fire Rate: 600 RPM
Weapon Type: Primary Weapon
How to Unlock: Level 28 in Multiplayer
Weapon Class: Assault Rifle
 Release: Season 1

FALphoto source: GameWith

The FAL has long struggled as the only semi-automatic rifle in the assault rifle class in Warzone. Because it is a semi-automatic AR, gamers who have never used FAL may find this a major disadvantage. However, this is undoubtedly one of the top five guns in your loadout if appropriately used.

The FAL is a semi-automatic assault weapon that can be defeated in the right hands. Of course, you’ll need to practice to get there, but once you’ve mastered FAL, you’ll be invincible.

You must improve your accuracy because this is not a weapon that you can discharge and leave alone. Every shot counts in this situation; therefore, accuracy is crucial.

The FAL was not playable at shorter ranges compared to its fully automatic competitors for a long time because of its semi-automatic fire mode. However, the FAL has been improved after multiple patches and balance adjustments, particularly at close ranges.

Before that, the FAL continued to deal the same amount of damage for the first 40 meters before reducing. However, with attachments, this bonus can be extended up to 27 meters, greatly increasing the damage for the first 19 meters.

The FAL kills in multiplayer inside this range with two strikes to the chest and one to the head. The FAL occasionally even had the quickest time-to-kill of all assault rifles on paper, clocking up around 360 milliseconds, more than 200 milliseconds quicker than the M4A1. This improvement is also visible in Warzone.

Did You Know:

OpFor, Russian Airborne Troops, Brazilian militias, and Ultranationalists commonly use the FAL.

6. MG-82

Fire Rate: 631 RPM
Weapon Type: Primary Weapon
How to Unlock: Season 4 Battle Pass, Tier 15
Weapon Class: Light Machine Gun
 Release: Season 4

MG-82photo source: Euro Gamer

Because of its exceptionally high fire rate, the MG-82 ranks among the highest in its category. Although it only deals moderate damage, its fire rate, precision, and magazine capacity more than compensate for its lack of damage output.

The MG-82 is better than the Whitley in terms of TTK, and even though it is an LMG, it has the same problems as the Whitley, so it is higher on the list.

The MG 82 light machine gun gives you that feeling of control. As with most LMGs, you won’t be the fastest person in the squad, but when you start shooting, not many people will be able to stay alive.

The MG 82 is one of Warzone’s best light machine guns because it has a very good kickback, which lets you keep firing without losing much accuracy.

Did You Know:

The majority of MG-82 variants have blue bullets.

5. AK-47

Fire Rate: 705 RPM
Weapon Type: Primary Weapon
How to Unlock: Reach Player 7
Weapon Class: Assault Rifle
 Release: Season 1

AK-47photo source: Euro Gamer

The AK-47 is Call of Duty’s most iconic weapon and has enormous damage potential. The gun is efficient in medium-to-long-range gunfights due to its TTK, damage range, and controllable recoil. The AK-47 has the fastest TTK in Warzone at 0.214 (chest) and 0.109 (head), according to its base stats. Additionally, it may be powerful with the correct attachments.

This weapon is easy to get. Warzone Player Level 7 unlocks the AK-47. AK-47s are among the best TTK weapons in the game. Upgrades and bonuses make this weapon effective. With the correct AK-47 loadout, notably Axial Arms 3x optic attachment, you can kill adversaries from afar and up close.

Did You Know:

In Modern Warfare 3, if a suppressor is attached to an AK-47, the weapon will produce a distinctively different sound when fired.

4. Fennec

Fire Rate: 800 RPM
Weapon Type: Primary Weapon
How to Unlock: Season 2 Battle Pass, Tier 31
Weapon Class: Submachine Gun
 Release: Season 4

Fennecphoto source: Future Game Releases

With a high TTK and little recoil, the Fennec is considered one of the greatest SMGs and is a major pick among gamers.

With a top-tier loadout and the fastest fire rate in its class, it is a heavy hitter in Warzone. It is even effective with or without perks and loadouts.

It’s a fairly popular option in the meta because it can be further enhanced to lessen kickback, allowing you to fire in longer bursts for speedier kills. You can be even deadlier if you have further benefits like Sleight of Hand.

The Fennec 45 distinguishes itself from other submachine guns immediately thanks to its high rate of fire. But, of course, the drawback is that you have to be able to hit those targets, or you’ll lose your opportunity and have to reload while your opponent is still busy shooting you down.

Did You Know:

Initially, it was called the Vector, but when it was reintroduced into Call of Duty: Modern Warfare as the Fennec.

3. PPSh 41

Fire Rate: 896 RPM
Weapon Type: Primary Weapon
How to Unlock: Season 3 Battle Pass, Tier 15
Weapon Class: Submachine Gun
 Release: Season 3

PPSh 41photo source: PCGamesN

The PPSh-41 might be one of the most versatile submachine guns in Warzone. It has more than enough firepower to eliminate an entire team. Moreover, with some tweaks to its configuration, it can become one of the most effective weapons in today’s battle royale.

Because of its large magazine, the PPSh is a machine gun converted into a submachine gun. However, despite having a moderate range, it has a very high TTK, which renders it downright lethal.

The PPSh-41 is one of the best submachine guns in Call of Duty Warzone, primarily because it has a quick time-to-kill (TTK) in close- or mid-range engagements. This firearm’s large magazine is a major selling point, in addition to the fact that it is an effective tool.

This is still a very powerful weapon, although it is not quite as lethal in close quarters as before the nerf.

Did You Know:

In Call of Duty: United Offensive, it is only seen with a drum magazine. However, when the Soviet Theme main menu is loaded, a PPSh-41 with a standard magazine is shown.

2. MAC-10

Fire Rate: 937 RPM
Weapon Type: Primary Weapon
How to Unlock: Season 1 Battle Pass, Tier 15
Weapon Class: Submachine Gun
 Release: Season 1 (BOCW)

MAC-10photo source: Games Radar

In Call of Duty: Warzone, the Mac-10 Submachine Gun (SMG) is among the best weapons for combat at close range. Its fast fire rate, precision, and ease of usage make it a formidable weapon that should be included in your arsenal.

The Mac-10 is a submachine gun with one of the highest fire rates of any weapon in the game. It gives you the ability to act quickly, and if you have good reflexes, it will leave your opponents with no time to respond.

Regrettably, its speed does not always directly correlate to a rapid rate of kills. Also, to begin spraying, you need to be near the target, as firing the gun at a greater distance is less effective. However, if you pick your locations carefully, Mac-10 can be pretty handy.

In Warzone, all you have to do is equip an SMG and quickly eliminate two or more opponents in 15 different battles for you to be able to obtain the MAC-10.

Did You Know:

If you want to make the MAC-10 even more mobile, you could always add the Serpent Wrap as an alternative attachment. This would allow you to improve its mobility even more.

1. Nikita AVT

Fire Rate: 451 RPM
Weapon Type: Primary Weapon
How to Unlock: Season 3 Battle Pass, Tier 31
Weapon Class: Assault Rifle
 Release: Season 3

Nikita AVTphoto source: The Loadout

The Nikita AVT AR stands out from the competition as having the fastest fire rate in Call of Duty: Warzone at 950 RPM. The weapon can be configured for long-range, but without the right attachments, it won’t be easy to handle.

Expect this assault rifle, which is currently the quickest-shooting Vanguard assault rifle, to rip through your foes at close range utterly.

This is a fantastic option for those who like the idea of an SMG but would want a bit more range in your main weapon. Of course, if you want to control the recoil kick that comes with the rapid-fire rate, you’ll need to have a good Nikita AVT Warzone loadout, but we’ve got you covered.

The assault rifle Nikita AVT has a very quick TTK and can deal substantial chest damage even at a larger range. Despite being at number 10, this weapon is not necessarily worse than the others. Just that other guns can make it simpler to execute a swift kill. You will dominate other players if you choose the Nikita AVT as your weapon of choice and invest in upgrades.

You must complete Tier 31 of the Battle Pass in both Warzone and Vanguard to obtain the Nikita AVT. The method used to unlock the M1916 or any other earlier BP weapon in Vanguard is the same.

Did You Know:

One of its perks is the EOD which can be extremely important in close-quarters situations since it lessens the harm you incur from explosives.

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