10 Fastest Tennis Serves in History

To put things in perspective, the first serve in professional tennis often travels at a speed of between 190 and 200 km/h (120 mph) for men and between 170-180 km/h (105 mph) for women.

Throughout tennis history, athletes who can hit a big serve have benefited. A strong, well-placed first serve is a tennis player’s most sophisticated weapon.

At 263.4 km/h (163.7 mph), Sam Groth broke the previous record for the fastest tennis serve. Unfortunately for the Australian, because the record was established at a Challenger competition, the ATP does not recognize it.

10. Juan Martin del Potro

Speed: 149.1 miles per hour
Birthday: September 23, 1988
Birthplace: Tandil, Argentina
 Pro Career Started: 2005

Juan Martin del Potrophoto source: media.newyorker.com

Juan Martin del Potro aka The Tower of Tandil. With his US Open victory, he is the best Argentinean player of his generation.

Out of all the players in the top ten, no one hit it in the decisive game they won except for him. Del Potro defeated Grigor Dimitrov in straight sets (6-4, 6-2) to win the Stockholm Open in 2017. However, he did not neglect to deliver a 149.1 mph serve during the process.

Did You Know:

In addition to playing tennis, Juan Martin Del Potro also likes to play association football and is a fan of the Argentine team Boca Juniors and the Italian team Juventus.

9. Taylor Dent

Speed: 149.8 miles per hour
Birthday: April 24, 1981
Birthplace: California, United States of America
 Pro Career Started: 1998

Taylor Dentphoto source: imgresizer.eurosport.com

Taylor Dent was once regarded as the game’s most challenging serve. However, despite not having as many accomplishments, Dent did advance to the fourth round of a few Grand Slams. In addition, despite having an illness-plagued career, he reached a career-high ranking of No. 21.

The American startled the crowd with a serve that reached 240 km/h (149.1 mph) in the opening round of the 2010 French Open.

Did You Know:

Taylor Dent’s father, Australian-born Phillip Dent, was a top-20 player in the 1970s. Phillip Dent competed in the 1974 Australian Open final. In the 1970s, his mother, Betty Ann Grubb Stuart, was also a top-ranked tennis player; in 1977, she advanced to the US Open doubles final.

8. Hubert Hurkacz

Speed: 151 miles per hour
Birthday: February 11, 1997
Birthplace: Wroclaw, Portland
 Pro Career Started: 2015

Hubert Hurkaczphoto source: i.cdn.newsbytesapp.com

The No. 11 player in the world is a 6’5″ monster with a mighty swing, Hubert Hurkacz. He has made a lot of sales just on his serve, and at 25 years old, he might still be at his peak.

Hurkacz had a few victories at Grand Slam competitions but nothing major. However, he delivered his fastest serve ever at the 2016 Davis Cup.

Despite his team’s defeat in the tournament, Hurkacz offered his colleagues something to cheer about. When the Polish player served, he let the ball fly and noticed that the speedometer showed 243 km/h.

Did You Know:

Hubert Hurkacz has won five ATP Tour singles titles, including a Masters 1000 title at the 2021 Miami Open. He became the first Pole to win an ATP Masters 1000 championship with the victory. In doubles, Hurkacz also holds a career-high position of No. 30, which he obtained in June 2022.

7. Marius Copil

Speed: 151.6 miles per hour
Birthday: October 17, 1990
Birthplace: Arad, Romania
 Pro Career Started: 2008

Marius Copilphoto source: imgresizer.eurosport.com

Even though Romanian-born Marius Copil has never finished in the top 50 in the world rankings, he is currently putting on some of his best performances. He ended 2018 as the 57th-best player in the world due to his outstanding performance. Still, he can break through and succeed in his profession.

However, his serve has always been his mainstay, and as a result, he has a dazzling record. For example, during the 2016 European Open quarterfinals, the Romanian flawlessly placed the ball and recorded a speed of 244 km/h (151.6 mph).

Did You Know:

When Marius Copil was seven years old, he started playing tennis, mainly because his brother would practice daily in Arad, where they grew up. However, Copil didn’t take to the sport early on; instead, he preferred football.

6. Feliciano Lopez

Speed: 152 miles per hour
Birthday: September 9, 1981
Birthplace: Toledo, Spain
 Pro Career Started: 1997

Feliciano Lopezphoto source: image-cdn.essentiallysports.com

Feliciano Lopez, who hails from Spain, managed to achieve a career-high ranking of 12 in 2015. Feliciano Lopez has been a part of the scene for a long time, and many people appear to have forgotten what a fantastic server he was back in the day.

At the Aegon Championships in 2014, he delivered one of the fastest serves ever. In the first-round match, the Spanish smacked the ball to serve at 244.6 km/h (152 mph) speed.

Did You Know:

Feliciano Lopez made history in 2005 by being the first male Spanish tennis player to advance past the Wimbledon quarterfinals since 1972.

5. Ryan Harrison

Speed: 152 miles per hour
Birthday: May 7, 1992
Birthplace: Louisiana, United States of America
 Pro Career Started: 2007

Ryan Harrisonphoto source: tennis.com

American tennis player Ryan Harrison won one ATP singles title, the 2017 Memphis Open, four ATP doubles titles, and the 2017 French Open.

At the 2013 Western & Southern Open, Harrison set a record for the fastest serve at a speed of 152 mph. Although he hasn’t yet reached the level of performance he had planned for, the 30-year-old is still playing and has the chance to affect the future of his career significantly.

Did You Know:

At the age of 16, Ryan Harrison competed on the ITF Junior circuit and attained a career-high global rating of number 7. He could have participated in the junior tour for two more years, but he chose to advance to the professional circuit instead.

4. Milos Raonic

Speed: 155 miles per hour
Birthday: December 12, 1990
Birthplace: Podgorica, Montenegro
 Pro Career Started: 2008

Milos Raonicphoto source: sportsnet.ca

Milos Raonic displayed his full range of skills when he overcame Roger Federer to win the Brisbane International in 2014. He repeated the achievement in the Wimbledon semifinals of 2016. As a result, Raonic is the first Canadian athlete to place in the top ten.

He is also one of the strongest servers in the game. His outstanding first serve in the SAP Open in 2012 allowed him to tie Andy Roddick at 155 mph. Raonic then rose to a career-high ranking of third in the rankings due to his cool serves.

Did You Know:

Milos Raonic started playing tennis at eight and spent his formative years working closely with his coach, Casey Curtis.

3. Andy Roddick

Speed: 155 miles per hour
Birthday: August 30, 1982
Birthplace: Nebraska, United States of America
 Pro Career Started: 2000

Andy Roddickphoto source: moneyinc.com

Andy Roddick, the best American tennis player of his time, was ranked No. 1 in the world at the end of 2003. He had a reputation for smashing the ball and frequently used his serve.

Roddick quickly made a name for himself as one of the greatest servers in the annals of the sport after breaking Rusedski’s record for the fastest serve in the Davis Cup semifinal match against Belarus in 2004.

Did You Know:

Everyone loves Wimbledon, but Andy Roddick’s luck never seems to cooperate. He advanced to the Finals three times, but Roger Federer always defeated him. The Wimbledon final between Federer and Roddick lasted 4 hours and 48 minutes, the longest-ever final.

2. Ivo Karlovic

Speed: 156 miles per hour
Birthday: February 28, 1979
Birthplace: Zagreb, Croatia
 Pro Career Started: 2000

Ivo Karlovicphoto source: atptour.com

Ivo Karlovic was a great server during his prime and currently holds the record for the most career aces, roughly 13,000.

He shares the distinction of being the tallest player in the annals of professional tennis, and his best performance came in the 2011 Davis Cup.

During Croatia’s Davis Cup first-round match, Karlovic broke Roddick’s record for the fastest serve. He unleashed the fastest serve at 251 km/h, directly breaking records.

Did You Know:

Ivo Karlovic’s extraordinary height and, thus, his enormous serve have influenced him throughout his entire career. For example, in the first round of Wimbledon 2003, when he made his debut, he stunned the entire world by serving a barrage of aces to defeat reigning champion Lleyton Hewitt.

1. John Isner

Speed: 157.2 miles per hour
Birthday: April 26, 1985
Birthplace: North Carolina, United States of America
 Pro Career Started: 2007

John Isnerphoto source: olympics.nbcsports.com

John Isner has the fastest tennis serve in history. He is frequently recognized as the fastest consistent server in the sport, and his height greatly impacts his ability to hit aces.

Although John Isner has made numerous serves above 150 mph throughout his career, the 2016 Davis Cup saw him hit the fastest. The American fired a lightning-fast serve against Australia in a tie, breaking the previous record by 253 km/h.

Did You Know:

John Isner established records for the number of aces in a single match (113), Grand Slam singles matches (113), single sets (85), games won (92), and winners in a single match (246).

Isner and Mahut jointly hold the records for the longest singles match ever played (11 hours, 5 minutes), the longest game ever played in a single day (7 hours, 6 minutes), and the most games played in a single day (seven) (118).

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