9 Fastest Speed Skiing Records in History

Speed skiing is a thrilling and dangerous sport that involves skiing down a mountain at high speeds, using specialized equipment and techniques.

The fastest speed ever recorded in speed skiing was achieved using a combination of gravity, aerodynamics, and human strength and skill. To reach such high speeds, speed skiers must descend steep, icy slopes and navigate obstacles while maintaining control of their bodies and equipment.

The sport requires high physical fitness, mental focus, and bravery, as even small mistakes can have serious consequences. Yet, despite the risks, speed skiers push themselves to their limits in pursuit of the ultimate adrenaline rush and the chance to set new speed records.

9. Klaus Schrottshammer

Speed: 248,791 km/h
Birthday: May 16, 1979
Country: Austria
 Event: Vars, France 2016

Klaus Schrottshammerphoto source: dapi.oesv.a

Klaus Schrottshammer holds the Austrian national record and is a World Cup podium regular. He won bronze at the World Championships in Idre in 2017. Schrottshammer was born in Bad Aussee, Austria, with the mountains around the corner.

His Speed Ski racing career began in the SDH class in 2003, using standard downhill equipment. He raced in SDH until 2007, when he moved to S1. Schrottshammer joined the 200 clubs in his first S1 race, in Les Arcs, with a speed of 217,000+ km/h.

Did You Know:

Klaus Schrottshammer has only been outside the top ten twice since 2009.

8. Jukka Viitasaari

Speed: 248,791 km/h
Birthday: January 01, 1981
Country: Finland
 Event: Les Arcs, France 2006

Jukka Viitasaariphoto source: escarmat.com

Speed skating has become a popular Finnish sport in recent years, thanks to the late sports legend Kalevi Häkkinen. Jukka Viitasaari was world champion twice at the turn of the millennium and has not abandoned his passion for speed skiing. He returned to the racing slopes in 2018, intending to set a world record.

According to Viitasaari, “You’d think that a boy from the Ostrobothnian plains would have no business mastering the steep slopes, but that wasn’t the case. According to Viitasaari, Finland’s small slopes have even worked in their favor.”

7. Laurent Sistach

Speed: 249,653 km/h
Birthday: October 19, 1969
Country: France
 Event: Les Arcs, France 2002

Laurent Sistachphoto source: wikimedia.org

Laurent Sistach joined Bourg Saint Maurice’s ski study section. He earned an A1 baccalaureate, an ICH diploma with a “real estate expertise” option at Grenoble’s CNAM (National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts), and a DESS (Master 2) in town planning and construction law at the University of Poitier in 1998.

He has been the head of legal and land operations at the OPAC de la Savoie since January 2000.

Did You Know:

Laurent Sistach has many accomplishments, including a world champion title, four world cup titles, and a speed record.

6. Philippe May

Speed: 250,000 km/h 
Birthday: 1969
Country: Switzerland
 Event: Les Arcs, France 2006

Philippe Mayphoto source: verbier4vallees.ch

Philippe May grew up in Verbier, Switzerland, in the Swiss Alps. Despite his family’s lack of ski experience, Philippe seemed destined for the slopes from a young age. Philippe was a strong competitor in all alpine disciplines, but his favorite was downhill.

He was forced to stop all sports for four years due to a knee injury. Finally, Philippe returned to the ski world after much hard work and physical therapy. He earned his ski instructor certification and began coaching alpine racing.

Around 1995, Philippe became interested in speed skiing. He struggled at first, but in 2001 he found his sweet spot. Since then, he’s been stringing together top-ten finishes like it’s nothing—a regular contributor to podium positions. Between 2001 and 2017, he held 64 top-3 positions.

Did You Know:

In 1993, Philippe May took a break from his career to study. However, he returned to competition in 1999, finishing third in the world at 245km/h; Harry Hegger then held the record at 248km/h.

5. Philippe Goitschel

Speed: 250,700 km/h
Birthday: January 13, 1962
Country: France
 Event: Vars, France 2002

Philippe Goitschelphoto source: goitschel.com

Philippe Goitschel is the nephew of 1960s champion skiers Christine and Marielle Goitschel, his mother Patricia’s sisters. On April 23, 2002, he set a world record for speed skiing by reaching a speed of 250.7 km/h (155.434 mph) in Les Arcs. Goitschel announced his retirement from competitive skiing after breaking the record.

Did You Know:

At the 1992 Winter Olympics in Albertville, France, Philippe Goitschel won a silver medal in speed skiing, a demonstration sport.

4. Bastien Montès

Speed: 251,397 km/h
Birthday: December 17, 1985
Country: France
 Event: Vars, France 2016

Bastien Montèsphoto source: thesecretsoftheirsuccess.com

Bastien Montes is a Speed Skiing specialist from France. He is not a purist but a skilled freestyler and free-rider. In his free time, Montes also surfs.

He was born on December 17, 1985, in Pau, Pyrénées-Atlantiques, and has spent most of his life on skis. He began speed skiing at the age of six. His first speed record was 48 kilometers per hour.

Montes broke the SDH junior World Record in Les Arcs in 2002 with a speed of 200.780 km/h on standard downhill equipment. He switched to the Speed 1 Senior class in 2006, struggling initially but quickly climbing in positions. He has consistently ranked in the top ten since 2007.

Did You Know:

Bastien Montes was crowned World Speed Ski Champion in Idre on March 25, 2017. (Sweden).

3. Simon Billy

Speed: 252,809 km/h
Birthday: December 5, 1991
Country: France
 Event: Vars, France 2016

Simon Billyphoto source: csactu.fr

Simon Billy is the third-fastest skier in history. For three years (2015-2017), he was completely dedicated to Chabrières and an all-out assault on the World Record. During the season, he was nowhere to be found on any other Speed Skiing track.

In Speed Masters 2016, Billy broke Simone Origone’s 2015 World Record and held it for a breathtaking minute until Simone beat him by 0.2 km/h, and Ivan Origone wrote history with 254 km/h. During the 2017 World Record attempts, he had a terrible crash and had to spend the spring, summer, and autumn in rehab and physiotherapy. He’s back for 2018.

2. Simone Origone

Speed: 252,987 km/h
Birthday: November 8, 1979
Country: Italy
 Event: Vars, France 2016

Simone Origonephoto source: panorama.it

Simone Origone is the all-time most successful Speed Ski racer. Since 2004, he has dominated the World Cup, World Championships, and Speed Masters like no other racer.

Origone was born in 1979 in Aosta. He began skiing at three with his father, an alpine ski instructor. He soon began competing in alpine races with the Val d’Ayas ski club. He started seriously pursuing alpine racing programs at the age of 16. He raced until the 1998/1999 season, when he was forced to retire due to illness.

In 2003, he went to the famous Olympic track of Les Arcs 2000 with a friend. He was hooked on downhill equipment after reaching a speed of 179 km/h.

Did You Know:

Simone Origone has won the Speed Ski World Cup nine times in total. In addition, he has five World Championship titles.

He holds three world records: 2006: 251,40 km/h, 2014: 252,454 km/h, 2015: 252,632 km/h.

1. Ivan Origone

Speed: 254.958 km/h
Birthday: March 31, 1987
Country: Italy
 Event: Vars, France 2016

Ivan Origonephoto source: hotelvillaannamaria.com

Ivan Origone has the fastest speed skiing record ever. The Italian speed skier set a new world record, hurtling down the piste at 254.958 km/h (158.424 mph), breaking his previous best of 252.632 km/h (156.978 mph).

“It’s the first time I’ve gone fast. I was so keen to do what I’ve done,” Origone said after breaking the record at the French ski resort of Vars. “This record is proof that if I’m on a good piste, where I can brake safely, I can cope with any angle and not have any fear.”

Did You Know:

Simon and Ivan Origone are siblings. Ivan Origone has followed in Simon’s footsteps, holding the current speed record of 254.958 km/h and two world cups, one gold medal, and one silver medal at the world championships.

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