10 Fastest Pokémon Ever

In the world of Pokémon, speed is everything, and these Pokes can move faster than the speed of light. Some of the fastest and sturdiest pocket monsters in existence can be found in Pokémon. Not all Pokémon have rapid feet (or wings or fins), but a Pokémon with actual speed can be a huge asset to any squad.

The player with the fastest Pokémon will always get to go first on every turn; thus, having a fast Pokémon is a bit of a luxury. On the other hand, some of the numerous Pokémon that are swift and agile can move at ludicrously high speeds.

These ten Pokémon are swift and can even move first without using Agility.

10. Dragapult

Speed Stat: 142
Type: Dragon, Ghost-type Pokémon
Ability: Clear Body or Infiltrator
 Height: 3 meters
 Weight: 50 kg

Dragapultphoto source: staticg.sportskeeda.com

Dragapult has the greatest basic Speed stat of any Ghost-type Pokémon with a maximum of 421 at level 100. Its base Speed stat is 142.

Unfortunately, Dragapult is the only pseudo-legendary unable to learn Earthquake, a preferred move among Pokémon trainers worldwide.

It does have a few scenarios where this holds it back a little, but it has a ton of other fantastic moves in its learn set to make up for it, and its high speed ensures that it usually gets to utilize them first.

Did You Know:

The ancient Diplocaulus and modern stealth bombers inspired Dragapult’s design.

9. Zeraora

Speed Stat: 143
Type: Electric-type Pokémon
Ability: Volt Absorb
 Height: 1.5 meters
 Weight: 44.5 kg

Zeraoraphoto source: i.pinimg.com

Zeraora is an entirely Electric-type Pokémon and is comparatively new to the Pokémon franchise. The Pokémon is the last one listed in the Alola Pokedex and was initially featured in the Gen 7 Pokémon games. Besides being unique to the Alola area, this fabled Pokémon is comparable to Mewtwo.

It is a Pokémon with a base Speed of 143 that, when it reaches level 100, can increase to 423 with the correct nature and EVs. Zeraora’s entry in the Pokémon Ultra Moon Pokédex states that it attacks foes at lightning-fast speeds before tearing them apart with its razor-sharp claws.

Did You Know:

Zeraora is the only Pokémon that can learn the move Plasma Fists.

8. Accelgor

Speed Stat: 145
Type: Bug-type Pokémon
Ability: Hydration, Sticky Hold, Unburden (hidden ability)
 Height: 0.8 meter
 Weight: 25.3 kg

Accelgorphoto source: static.wikia.nocookie.net

Accelgor is a peculiar Pokémon because it is neither Electric, Flying, nor Legendary. However, after being exchanged for a Karrablast, Accelgor evolves from the Pokémon Shelmet and gains an enormous Speed boost.

Accelgor’s base Speed is 145, and at its maximum level, it can reach 427. According to Accelgor’s article in Pokémon X’s Pokedex, doing away with its bulky shell makes it exceedingly light, which enables the Pokémon to move in battle like a ninja.

7. Zacian

Speed Stat: 148
Type: Steel-type, Fairy-type Pokémon
Ability: Intrepid Sword
 Height: 2.8 meters
 Weight: 110.0 kg

Zacianphoto source: i0.wp.com

Zacian, one of the best Pokémon from Generation 8, gained a lot more attention than Zamazenta when they were first shown, mainly because of its awesome sword.

Additionally, it has a greater Speed stat than its counterpart: 138 in the Crowned Sword form and 148 in the Hero Of Many Battles form. This aids the Pokémon in achieving its top speed of 438.

Zacian is now firmly established as the fastest Steel-type and Fairy-type. A single attack from the Crowned Sword form of the Galarian Pokémon can take out even Gigantamax Pokémon, according to the Galarian Pokedex. Since it frequently attacks first, having one is unquestionably advantageous for trainers.

Did You Know:

Zacian’s legendary sword is so strong that it can cut the ocean in two when using its signature move.

6. Calyrex (Shadow Rider)

Speed Stat: 150
Type: Psychic/Grass-type, Ghost-type Pokémon
Ability: Combines Unnerve and Chilling Neigh/Grim Neigh
 Height: 2.4 meters
 Weight: 53.6 kg

Calyrex (Shadow Rider)photo source: i.pinimg.com

Spectrier is already swift. It gets considerably faster when it acquires the strength of a very regal Pokémon, Calyrex. The specific mechanism by which the addition of a rider increases the horse’s speed is a mystery.

Shadow Rider Calyrex, in contrast to the slow yet hefty Ice Rider Calyrex, has a remarkable 150-basic Speed stat.

With its dual-purpose skills, Shadow Rider Calyrex explores new ground even for earlier fusion Pokémon, such as Kyurem. Unnerve isn’t particularly harmful, but having two is a little silly. While both Calyrex forms have applications, Shadow Rider Calyrex is undoubtedly too powerful to overlook.

Did You Know:

According to legend, Calyrex is believed to have been a merciful king who ruled over Galar in the past.

5. Electrode

Speed Stat: 150
Type: Electric-type Pokémon
Ability: Soundproof, Static, Aftermath (hidden ability)
 Height: 1.2 meters
 Weight: 66.6 kg

Electrodephoto source: static.wikia.nocookie.net

Electrode was, by a significant margin, the quickest Pokémon in the original generation of Pokémon video games. At level 30, its speed significantly increases when it evolves from a Voltorb. As a result, trainers frequently mistake it for a Pokeball and inadvertently try to pick it up because it resembles one in reverse.

When Electrode reaches level 100, its enormous initial Speed stat of 150 can increase to 416. In Pokémon Omega Ruby, the Pokedex article for Electrode states that it consumes atmospheric electricity and that, on days when lightning strikes, people frequently witness it bursting all over the place from consuming too much power.

Did You Know:

Electrode likes to live in or near power plants because it can easily access fresh electricity. However, this often causes blackouts.

4. Pheromosa

Speed Stat: 151
Type: Bug-type, Fighting-type Pokémon
Ability: Beast Boost
 Height: 1.8 meters
 Weight: 25.0 kg

Pheromosaphoto source: i.pinimg.com

Pheromosa is a genderless Pokémon that was one of the Ultra Beasts introduced in the seventh generation of Pokémon games (PokémonSun and Moon), and it has no other known evolutionary forms. Pheromosa is a dual-type Pokémon of the Fighting and Bug types, despite being able to fly.

It’s a Pokémon that appeared in both anime and video games. Pheromosa uses Z-Crystals to attack trainers while also stealing the crystals. The default Speed stat for Pheromosa is 151, but if the Pokémon reaches its maximum level, it can increase to 441 points.

Did You Know:

While its design is very elegant, Pheromosa’s appearance was inspired by a molting cockroach.

3. Ninjask

Speed Stat: 160
Type: Bug-type, Flying-type Pokémon
Ability: Speed Boost, Infiltrator (hidden ability)
 Height: 0.8 meter
 Weight: 12.0 kg

Ninjaskphoto source: i.pinimg.com

Although its name might give it away, Ninjask is one of the fastest Pokémon in the series, which may surprise players based on how it seems. Ninjask should not be taken lightly despite having a base Speed stat of 160 and a monstrous maximum of 460 at level 100. It fits well into any Pokémon roster just based on speed.

The Pokémon runs around at such a fast speed that it cannot be seen, even though its sobbing can be heard clearly, according to Ninjask’s Pokémon Omega Ruby Pokedex entry. Ninjask was long considered to be invisible just for that reason.

Did You Know:

Prolonged exposure to Ninjask’s loud cry causes headaches.

2. Deoxys (Speed Forme)

Speed Stat: 180
Type: Psychic Pokémon
Ability: Pressure
 Height: 1.7 meters
 Weight: 60.8 kg

Deoxysphoto source: static0.gamerantimages.com

The fastest a Pokémon can go without being startling or even alien is Deoxys when it is in its speed Forme. Few Pokémon can equal Deoxys’ incredible base Speed of 180, making it one of Hoenn’s many outstanding legendaries.

When Deoxys’ Speed Forme hits level 100, it can achieve an astounding maximum Speed stat of 504 with the correct EVs. Sadly, Generation VIII lacks access to this wonderful ability because Deoxys isn’t listed in the Galar National Pokedex.

Did You Know:

Deoxys was born from a mutation of a virus from space.

1. Regieleki

Speed Stat: 200
Type: Electric Pokémon
Ability: Transistor
 Height: 1.2 meters
 Weight: 145.0 kg

Regielekiphoto source: cdna.artstation.com

The fastest Pokémon of all time is Regieleki. However, Pokémon from the Regi family have a unique trait. Although many of them have a stat that is 200, their other numbers are frequently only average. This renders the entire Regi family situational at best, along with Regigigas’ Slow Start.

By arriving at 200 base Speed, faster than Speed Forme Deoxys, Regieleki breaks the record that Deoxys had held for so long. It’s a ridiculous amount, and it even has respectable offensive stats to take advantage of its superhuman speed.

Regieleki still has terrible mass; thus, it’s unclear whether it will succeed at the upper tiers of competition or if it will lose in NU with the rest of its siblings.

Did You Know:

Regieleki can absorb electrons and is considered the most powerful Electric-type Pokémon.

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