Top 10 Fastest Horses in Minecraft

One of the best ways to get around in a Minecraft world is to train and ride a horse. But, of course, some are better than others, and each type of horse has a unique quality about its health, speed, or how high it can jump.

Getting around quickly is probably the most essential thing, so players need to find the fastest horse. A horse is a quick way to return to your base if you get caught out late at night, a way to explore new places, and an all-around great travel companion.

So how do you decide which of these tamable mobs to pick? How do you know which horse is the right one for you? Check out the list below to find out what the fastest horses are in Minecraft.

10. Unicorns

Speed: 1.3 blocks per second
 Jump Strength: 5 blocks high
Health stats: 40 hearts
 How to get: Downloading the Mo’ Creatures mod

Unicornsphoto source: Planet Minecraft

Unicorns are for you if you want to catch something more magical in Minecraft. Unicorns are the magical creatures in the game. With the Mo’ Creatures mod, these unique mobs have been added to Minecraft.

Using the Mo’ Creatures mod makes getting a unicorn less complicated. Once you’ve got it installed, you can get a unicorn by using an essence of light.

Unicorns are magical because they can use their horns to fight the mobs out to hurt them in Minecraft. They are also the only mobs in Minecraft that can jump from all structures. Unicorns also have excellent health stats, with 40 hearts for their health.

Unicorns can attack enemies with their horns by lowering them and charging at them. But if you put a slotted horse helm on the unicorn, it can equip a wand and use the magic in its horn to attack. This is one of its most powerful abilities.

Did You Know:

Since they don’t spawn naturally, you can use two essences of light to make your unicorns have babies if you want them.

9. Fairy Horse

Speed: 1.3 blocks per second
 Jump Strength: 1.5 blocks high
Health stats: 50 hearts
 How to get: Download as an add-on using the Mo’ Creatures mod.

Fairy Horsephoto source: Mo’ Creatures Wiki

If you want a splash of color in your life, then the fairy horse is perfect for you. The magical Fairy Horse could only be made by someone who knows a lot about breeding.

This is one of the most challenging horses to breed, and you can only find it in the Mo’ Creatures Mod. It comes in a wide array of colors, and the only way to get it is to breed a rare unicorn and a pegasus, giving up both valuable horses in the process.

You need a Pegasus and a Unicorn to breed to make this happen. When breeding normally, you must use two Essences of Light instead of pumpkins, cake, or mushroom stew.

Using an essence of light, you can breed a new fairy horse by mating two adult ones; however, you will lose both of them. Although not the fastest on our list, the Fairy Horse is still quite speedy at 1.3 blocks per second — and an exceptionally pretty one at that!

Did You Know:

Because of how difficult it is to obtain, the fairy horse is widely considered by many to be the rarest type of horse in Minecraft.

8. Nightmare

Speed: 1.3 blocks per second
 Jump Strength: 2 blocks high
Health stats: 50 hearts
 How to get: In the Minecraft Nether or using the Mo’ Creatures mod

Nightmarephoto source: Gamers Decide

Sounds kind of creepy, huh? Well, this horse in Minecraft is just as bizarre as its name. The Nightmare needs to be activated before you can even ride it.

Only by going through the Minecraft nether can you find these strange horses, which usually spawn in nether fortresses. You can also get one if you play with the Mo’ Creatures mod turned on. Nightmares move at speeds that make your head spin.

Did You Know:

The Nightmare is not only fast but also fireproof. So its rider also won’t get burned as long as they stay on it.

7. Quarter Horse

Speed: 2 blocks per second
 Jump Strength: 1.5 blocks high
Health stats: 15 hearts
 How to get: Breed two horses you have already trained.

Quarter Horsephoto source: Fiction Horizon

Quarter horses need no introduction at all. These horses are pretty good-tempered. Compared to all the other horses on this list, quarter horses are considered the best among them. You can get a quarter horse with a little bit of effort.

All you have to do is breed two of your tamed horses in Minecraft. Then feed them their favorite foods.

Did You Know:

Because of their temperament, quarter horses are regarded by many as being the friendliest of the Minecraft horses.

6. Everyday Horses

Speed: 4.8 blocks per minute
 Jump Strength: 2-5 blocks high
Health stats: 15 hearts
 How to get: Tame a wild horse by petting it

Everyday Horsesphoto source: PC Gamer

These average, everyday horses might not be as flashy as the others on this list, but they are just as helpful and fast! You can find these mobs in small groups of two to six in the plains and savannas.

There are many different kinds and colors of this type of horse, but the most important things to think about when choosing the best one are its health, speed, and jumping strength. And you won’t know the exact numbers until you learn to tame and ride one.

Did You Know:

Although they have excellent speed and jumping stats, regular horses can’t haul goods and are best for short-distance travel.

#5 Donkeys

Speed: 7.5 blocks per second
 Jump Strength: 1.9 blocks high
Health stats: 15 hearts
 How to get: You can get donkeys in plains, savannas, or villages.

Donkeysphoto source: Minecraft Wiki

People value donkeys for their steady stats and their ability to carry chests. Even though donkeys are shorter, don’t look as grand as horses, and move a bit more slowly, they are great because they can carry chests, which means they can carry more items and resources for your long journeys and explorations.

Donkeys can’t be sped up with speed potions as horses can, but they all have the same speed and jump strength.

Did You Know:

You can get the “Cow Tipper” achievement when you pick up leather that an adult donkey dropped!

4. Zombie horse

Speed: 8.6 blocks per second
 Jump Strength: 1.9-5.2 blocks high
Health stats: 15 hearts
How to get: You need a spawn egg or use the summon command

Zombie horsephoto source: Minecraft Wiki

Zombie horses may look scary, but they aren’t aggressive, unlike the zombie mobs.

Once they are tamed and saddled, zombie horses can be one of the fastest ways to get around in the game. You can also use them to climb hills, jump fences, and ride them in any water depth.

Zombie horses won’t appear on their own in the game. The only way to get one is to use the summon command or a spawn egg. When you use a spawn egg, foals will appear 20% of the time.

Did You Know:

Unlike zombie horses obtained using the summon command, zombie horses born from a spawn egg cannot be tamed, ridden, or bred.

3. Skeleton horse

Speed: 8.6 blocks per second
 Jump Strength: 1.9 – 5.2 blocks high
Health stats: 15 hearts
How to get: Use a skeleton trap

Skeleton horsephoto source: Minecraft Wiki

During a storm, you might be able to find the scariest-looking horse on this list: the skeleton horse. Skeleton horses are also one of the passive mobs. They look like regular horses that have died, hence their name. Since Minecraft’s 1.6 update, skeleton horses can now appear in the wild independently.

Skeleton traps are the only place they can spawn; some are in areas where normal horses can’t go, like the middle of the ocean.

Did You Know:

Skeleton horses are the only known type of horse that can be ridden in the ocean at any depth. They can also be ridden along the ocean floor.

2. The Ender Horse

Speed: 8.6 blocks per second
 Jump Strength: 5 blocks high
Health stats: 33 hearts
How to get: Download as an add-on

The Ender Horsephoto source: MCPEDL

If you don’t find the kinds of horses on Minecraft interesting enough, this one may be just the right one for you. The Ender Horse is one of Minecraft’s fastest ways to get from one place to another. It is also the best way to carry more weight and resources.

However, they don’t naturally spawn. Instead, it is a mod you can download, install, and update from time to time. Then you can use a command to call them to you. Then, once you’ve got the Ender Horse add-on, you can spawn it naturally, as if it were from the wild.

It is different from Minecraft’s other horses because it can teleport. However, because the horse will teleport to random places, it might not be easy to control. But with a whopping 33 full hearts and a speed of 8.6 blocks per second, it will have been worth it.

Did You Know:

Although quite difficult to control, you can quickly train it like a regular horse by pressing the “E” key on your keyboard while simultaneously riding it.

1. Black Pegasus

Speed: Maximum of 14.5 blocks per second
 Jump Strength: Varies
Health stats: 50 hearts
How to get: It spawns naturally in the wild, but you can also use the Mo’ Creatures mod.

Black Pegasusphoto source: Nova Skin

Minecraft has plenty of horses with different speeds, health, and temperaments. The Black Pegasus is the most famous of all horse breeds. Coming at number one on our list, Black Pegasus is the fastest Minecraft horse in all of Minecraft due to its dizzying maximum speed of 14.5 blocks per second.

The Black Pegasus is a fireproof variant of the Pegasus and one of the rarest horses in Minecraft!

Did You Know:

The Black Pegasus can be pretty hostile and can’t be tamed when found in the wild.

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