10 Fastest Helicopters in the World

When designing a helicopter, speed and efficiency are far more important than passenger comfort. To increase the speed of helicopters, scientists and engineers in the field of aeronautics frequently spend years poring over schematics.

Most of the time, a helicopter’s speed determines when it is used. Helicopters are useful for rescue missions, delivering emergency supplies, and fighting forest fires. In addition, military forces worldwide employ them for transportation, surveillance, and other uses.

True, the military employs the vast majority of the fastest helicopters available. However, modern battlefields require speed, so militaries worldwide are constantly researching to develop faster helicopters.

Here are 10 of the fastest helicopters in the world.

10. Kamov KA-52 “Alligator”

Top Speed: 196 miles per hour
National Origin: Russia / Soviet Union
Object Type: Attack Helicopter
 Range: 339 mi
 First Flight: June 25, 1997

Kamov KA-52 “Alligator”photo source: nationalinterest.org

The Russian-made Kamov Ka-50 helicopter has a variant called the Kamov Ka-52 Alligator. Kamov developed the KA-52 as a long-distance scout and attack helicopter.

Kamov, therefore, placed a high value on speed as a factor. As a result, Kamov used parts from each helicopter it had previously produced and worked with IAI to partially develop the KA-52.

Kamov designed the KA-52 to travel at 170 mph (270 kph), but it can reach speeds of up to 196 mph (315 kph) if necessary, though only for short periods, shortening the KA-52’s useful life.

Did You Know:

The main element contributing to the KA-52’s speed is the coaxial (double) rotor, which was taken from the KA-32 and gave the KA-52 one of the strangest aircraft designs.

9. Boeing CH-47F “Chinook”

Top Speed: 196 miles per hour
National Origin: United States of America
Object Type: Transport Helicopter
 Range: 460 mi
 First Flight: September 21, 1961

Boeing CH-47F “Chinook”photo source: taskandpurpose.com

The Chinook, one of the world’s swiftest helicopters, may be the best available to any air force.

Due in part to the fact that it is one of only two aircraft produced for more than 50 years that both military and civilian operators have used, the Chinook is similar to its Russian counterpart, the Mil Mi-26 (although the Soviets did produce their own Chinook, the Yak 24).

Did You Know:

To carry heavy payloads like tanks, rovers, and even other aircraft, Boeing (formerly Vertol) built the Chinook.

8. Mil Mi-28

Top Speed: 200 miles per hour
National Origin: Russia / Soviet Union
Object Type: Attack Helicopter
 Range: 270 mi
 First Flight: November 10, 1982

Mil Mi-28photo source: upload.wikimedia.org

The Mi-28, another excellent helicopter produced by Mil, travels a little faster than the Mi-26. Although it has a top speed of about 200 mph (320 kph), it shouldn’t fly that fast for very long due to performance issues.

The Mi-28’s design is strikingly similar to that of Boeing’s Apache helicopter, resulting from the Soviet (and now Russian) military’s desire to develop a countermeasure to the Apache’s incredible specifications. As a result, despite the Mi-28 being slightly faster and less dependable in combat, there are many more Boeing Apaches than Mil Mi-28s worldwide.

Did You Know:

The Mil Mi-28N, also known as the “Night Hunter,” is a well-known variant of the Mil Mi-28 that can change from daytime to nighttime.

7. Eurocopter EC155

Top Speed: 201 miles per hour
National Origin: Multinational
Object Type: Passenger Transport Helicopter
 Range: 533 miles
 First Flight: June 17, 1997

Eurocopter EC155photo source: privatejetcharter.com

Formerly known as the EC155, then the Eurocopter, and finally given the H155 moniker by Airbus. The H155 is a twin-engine, highly maneuverable helicopter that can be used for many operations, including law enforcement, and private and commercial flying.

With this five-ton aircraft, the well-known Dauphin family of civilian helicopters has been upgraded. The top speed is 201 mph, and the average rate is 186.3 mph (300 kph) (324 kph).

Did You Know:

An anti-icing system can be added to the EC155 to allow helicopters to fly in freezing weather. This one is the only helicopter in its class with an available ice-removal system. Push windows, cargo slings, fast roping systems, externally mounted rescue rafts, and lifting cranes are all options for this helicopter.

6. Westland Lynx

Top Speed: 201 miles per hour
National Origin: United Kingdom
Object Type: Multi-purpose Military Helicopter
 Range: 328 miles
 First Flight: March 21, 1971

Westland Lynxphoto source: upload.wikimedia.org

The Westland Lynx was the first helicopter ever created, and the AW159’s design was ultimately based on it. When cruising, it has a top speed of 324 kph (201 mph).

The Westland Lynx once held the title of the world’s fastest aircraft and has a top speed of 250 mph (400 kilometers per hour). The record-breaking flight, which took place in 1986, was made by a specially modified Lynx aircraft that could fly faster than was usually possible.

Despite this, the new information does not change the fact that the Westland Lynx was once the fastest helicopter in the world.

Did You Know:

Argentina, Brazil, Denmark, Norway, Nigeria, Qatar, and a few other Asian nations are also Lynx operators. In addition, the United Kingdom’s Westland Helicopters and Italy’s Agusta merged to form AgustaWestland in 2000. Since then, the AgustaWestland brand has been usedforomarketingt all new helicopters.

5. Airbus H160

Top Speed: 202 miles per hour
National Origin: Multinational
Object Type: Medium utility Helicopter
 Range: 530 miles
 First Flight: June 13, 2015

Airbus H160photo source: ainonline.com

Flying is incredibly safe, and it is also inexpensive to operate. In addition, the H160M is equipped with the newest technological developments in French aviation.

The following helicopter is the replacement for the AS365 Dauphin. The Dauphin has been around since 1975, after all.

The fastest civilian helicopter in the world is the H160, also offered in a military version known as the 160 M. The top speed is 201.9 mph, while the average speed is 178.3 mph (287 kph) (325 kph).

Did You Know:

The H160 is the first aircraft in the world with an electric landing gear and brake assembly, boasting the best in production. In addition, the H160M can also connect to a secure digital support environment.

4. Eurocopter AS365 Dauphin

Top Speed: 231 miles per hour
National Origin: France
Object Type: Medium utility Helicopter
 Range: 514 miles
 First Flight: January 24, 1975

Eurocopter AS365 Dauphinphoto source: aerocorner.com

The AS365 Dauphin, a civilian transport helicopter, set a world record speed of 231 mph (372 kph) over a 3-kilometer course in 1991.

The Dauphin’s fenestron tail rotor is one of its distinctive features. The helicopter has broken many records since 1975, including the one for the quickest flight between London and Paris.

A prototype attained this speed at 200 mph (322 kph). The military version of Dauphin is also offered but rarely used.

Did You Know:

Pawan Hans of India owns the largest civilian Dauphin fleet, although countries like China have modified the Dauphin to serve as an attack helicopter.

3. Sikorsky X2

Top Speed: 290 miles per hour
National Origin: United States of America
Object Type: Experimental Compound Helicopter
 Range: 35 miles
 First Flight: August 27, 2008

Sikorsky X2photo source: media.wired.com

If we’re talking about conventional helicopters, the Sikorsky X2 is the fastest helicopter on earth. So it makes sense that the organization that developed the first helicopter also produces the fastest vehicles.

The prototype aircraft Sikorsky built for that program was the Sikorsky X2. Sikorsky used a coaxial (double) rotor (similar to the Kamov 52) at the back of the fuselage along with one propeller to decrease drag and increase speed.

The outcome was a flying prototype capable of 290 mph (460 kph). The two main helicopters made from the Sikorsky X2 are the Boeing-Sikorsky SB-1 Defiant and the Sikorsky S-97 Raider.

2. Eurocopter X3

Top Speed: 293 miles per hour
National Origin: Multinational
Object Type: Experimental Compound Helicopter
 Range: 339 miles
 First Flight: September 6, 2010

Eurocopter X3photo source: cloudfront.net

The Eurocopter X3 disregards the laws that apply to standard helicopters. For example, as opposed to accelerating the rotor’s rotation, the X3 reduced the number of rotations per minute (by almost 15%).

Two stabilizing propellers, one on each side of the fuselage, were additionally installed on the X3. These propellers aid in the X3’s stability and increase speed while reducing drag.

As a result, the X3 can move at a maximum speed of 293 mph and a cruising speed of 253 mph (407 kph) (472 kph). The X3‘s useful life will be reduced by frequent flights at that speed, though.

On June 20, 2012, Eurocopter launched the X3 high-speed hybrid helicopter’s US tour. This cutting-edge transportation system showcased its distinct operational capabilities during a month of visits to military installations and hub locations for civil helicopter operators.

The tour began with a debut X3 flight presentation at the American Eurocopter headquarters in Grand Prairie, Texas, which was attended by employees, elected officials, clients, and business partners.

1. Bell Boeing V22 Osprey

Top Speed: 316 miles per hour
National Origin: Multinational
Object Type: Experimental Compound Helicopter
 Range: 1,012 miles
 First Flight: September 6, 2010

Bell Boeing V22 Ospreyphoto source: winair.ca

Despite not being a traditional helicopter, the V-22 is the fastest helicopter in the world. The V-22, an aircraft that can transform from an airplane to a helicopter in less than 12 seconds, is technically a tiltrotor.

Bell designed the V-22 to hover, land, and take off, similar to a helicopter. It can, however, theoretically take off like a regular aircraft and fly like a helicopter while in flight.

The V-22 flies at a constant 351 mph as an aircraft (565 kph). However, the V-22’s top recorded speed (as a helicopter) is 316 mph (509 kph).

Did You Know:

The US Military’s three primary V-22 users are the USAF, USN, and USMC. The Japanese Armed Forces have also ordered the V-22. Many USMC pilots genuinely want to fly the V-22 despite crashing much more frequently than other aircraft types.

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