7 Fastest Formula One Pit Stops Ever

In Formula One, speed is everything: how quickly the car can go, how quick the driver’s reflexes are, and equally crucial to winning any race is how quickly the pitstop team can go. As a result, Formula One cars can reach insanely high speeds and endure a great deal.

It is also a team sport, although most of the glory goes to the drivers. Therefore, the activities of the pit stop team have the potential to have a significant impact on the overall performance. Timing is the most crucial aspects of this procedure, which takes place in a matter of seconds and involves changing the tires and replacing any damaged parts.

The pit stops are an essential component of the sport of Formula One. The pinpoint accuracy with which these stops are executed can have a significant impact not only on a team’s strategy but also on the results.

Some of the fastest pit stops have made history with how overwhelmingly fast they are. These following pit stops are some of the best blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moments in F1 history.

7. Sebastian Vettel

Pit Stop Time: 1.97 seconds
Team: Ferrari
Year: 2018
 F1 Event: Brazilian Grand Prix

Sebastian Vettelphoto source: Planet F1

Mercedes and Ferrari went head to head for the team championship at the sixth and final race of the 2018 Formula One season, which took place in Brazil. The race decided who would win the Constructor’s championship.

Once again, Lewis Hamilton started in the pole position, and his rival Sebastian Vettel was right behind him. However, due to Hamilton’s engine problems, Max Verstappen took the lead in the Grand Prix.

However, a collision with a backmarker named Esteban Ocon caused the Belgian driver to spin out of control, allowing Hamilton to regain the race lead and win the competition.

Vettel was also having problems with his car and a poor tire strategy. Nevertheless, the German Ferrari team completed the pit stop with the fastest tire change of the 2018 season, taking only 1.97 seconds to replace all four tires.

Did You Know:

As a result of his first victory, Sebastian Vettel became the sport’s youngest-ever world champion.

6. Max Verstappen (2021 Bahrain Grand Prix) 

Pit Stop Time: 1.93 seconds
Team: Red Bull
Year: 2021
 F1 Event: Bahrain Grand Prix

Max Verstappenphoto source: Formula One

In the year 2021, Max Verstappen experienced a great deal of success as well as failure. One of the highlights of Verstappen’s performance in the 2021 Formula One Bahrain Grand Prix was when he recorded the fastest pitstop of that season and one of the fastest of all time.

The previous year was the first time the Red Bull driver had a competitive car to challenge for the championship. Additionally, the team brought its A-Game, as evidenced by the fact that it all happened in a mere 1.93 seconds. Even though it didn’t help him win the race, it was still important because it set the tone for the rest of the competition.

Did You Know:

Max Verstappen participated in his first Formula One race for the Toro Rosso team during the 2015 Australian Grand Prix.

5. Mark Webber

Pit Stop Time: 1.923 seconds
Team: Red Bull
Year: 2013
 F1 Event: 2013 United States Grand Prix

Mark Webberphoto source: Sky Sports

Sebastian Vettel, a driver for Red Bull Racing, captured his eighth consecutive Formula One victory at the 2013 United States Grand Prix. This victory catapulted Vettel to the forefront of the media spotlight. However, his teammate Mark Webber also made headlines as well.

According to information gathered internally by Red Bull Racing, Webber pulled off the track after completing lap 29 in 1.923 seconds.

According to NBC, Webber’s time was 2.05 seconds, which is significantly faster than his previous record but slower than his current time. Since Romain Grosjean was in second place, Red Bull’s focus continued to be on Mark Webber as their second priority.

On lap 28, an extraordinary thing transpired for him as he pulled into the pit stall for his pit stop. Every single mechanic is, as they always are, completely ready, and they have their pneumatic drills on hand and ready to go. The old tires with a medium compound were put on the front and rear, and the new tires with a hard compound were put on.

Did You Know:

At the time, Weber’s pit stop was the fastest in the world. However, his record would soon be tied in 2016.

4. Felipe Massa

Pit Stop Time: 1.92 seconds
Team: Williams
Year: 2016
 F1 Event: European Grand Prix

Felipe Massaphoto source: F1i

Nico Rosberg, who drove for Mercedes and won the European Grand Prix, grabbed all the glory and attention after winning his fifth race of the season. However, Felipe Massa was the one who matched the record for the fastest pit stop at the time.

According to DHL, the Williams team completed Massa’s pit stop at the Formula 1 European Grand Prix held in Azerbaijan in 1.92 seconds, which is tied as one of the fastest pit stops in the history of the Formula One racing series alongside Mark Webber and the Red Bull team in 2013.

Did You Know:

The Williams team not only had one but three of the fastest pit stops of that particular race.

3. Pierre Gasly

Pit Stop Time: 1.91 seconds
Team: Red Bull
Year: 2019
 F1 Event: British Grand Prix

Pierre Gaslyphoto source: Motorlat

The brief time Pierre Gasly spent with the Red Bull senior team did not exceed expectations. The Frenchman could not match Max Verstappen’s speed, so he spent much of the race battling with the other drivers in the middle of the field rather than up front.

Despite this, Gasly completed his pit stop for the 2019 Formula One British Grand Prix in a mere 1.91 seconds. The pit stop was one of the few bright spots for the French driver during an otherwise challenging season. It helped him move up to fourth place in the race.

The sixteen-person crew serviced Pierre Gasly’s car in just 1.91 seconds, which is just one-hundredth of a second faster than the previous record of 1.92s!

Did You Know:

Pierre Gasly ran away from home at age 13 to follow his motorsports dreams.

2. Max Verstappen (2019 German Grand Prix) 

Pit Stop Time: 1.88 seconds
Team: Red Bull
Year: 2019
 F1 Event: German Grand Prix

Max Verstappenphoto source: Formula One

At the 2019 German Grand Prix, Red Bull was led to victory by Max Verstappen’s stellar performance on the track, but the success was also the result of a genuine team effort.

On the 46th lap of the Formula One Grand Prix held in Hockenheim, Verstappen was instructed to come in for a pitstop to change his tires. After hearing the roar of his Red Bull Formula 1 car, Verstappen pulled into the pit lane, and the crew was prepared for action.

As he came to a stop, the pit crew lifted the car, replaced the used tires with a fresh set, lowered the car, and gave the go-ahead to rejoin the race in 1.88 seconds, which at that time was the fastest F1 pit stop in history.

Did You Know:

Compared to other drivers, Max Verstappen finished more laps ahead of his teammates than any other competitor. For example, when Gasly and Albon were drivers for Red Bull, he finished ahead of them for a combined 985 laps.

1. Max Verstappen (2019 Brazilian Grand Prix) 

Pit Stop Time: 1.82 seconds
Team: Red Bull
Year: 2019
 F1 Event: Brazilian Grand Prix

Max Verstappenphoto source: Planet F1

The fastest pit stop in F1 history belongs to Max Verstappen and his team’s 1.82-second stop at the 2019 Brazilian Grand Prix.

Already a familiar face on this list, the Red Bull driver had a commanding lead throughout the entire race and was able to pass Lewis Hamilton twice en route to taking first place.

What is frequently overlooked in all of this is the pitstop unit’s role, which consisted of saving their best equipment for the day when their driver required it the most.

Red Bull has now shattered the record for the most number of pit stops completed in a single season in 2019. They serviced Max Verstappen at the first of his three pit stops in the Formula 1 Brazilian Grand Prix in an incredible 1.82 seconds, shaving off six hundredths of a second from their previous record set at Hockenheim.

Did You Know:

Max Verstappen was the youngest to ever compete in an F1 race weekend.

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