8 Fastest Boats Ever

The need for speed is hardwired into the human brain. We have broken beyond the limitations of technology to make ourselves even faster over all terrains, whether land, air, or water. The sea has vessels of many sizes, shapes, and propulsion systems, including sailboats, motorboats, catamarans, and yachts.

These are the fastest boats of all time.

8. Outerlimits SV-50

Top Speed: 156 miles per hour
Horsepower: 2 x 1500 hp
Engine: Teague Custom
 Year: 1993

Outerlimits SV-50photo source:  Outerlimits Powerboats

The SV50 is an unadulterated breed of sit-down beast. The SV50 employs the same five-step bottom configuration. The SV50 features a larger cockpit and cabin access while retaining its stylish aesthetics and exceptional performance.

A complete cabin is available as an option, providing ample space for storage and protection from the sun. Behind the back seat are a storage and cooler compartment with convenient access. The Outerlimits SV-50 is a 15.26-meter speed boat with a 0.60-meter draft that can reach 130 knots.

Did You Know:

The cockpit has adjustable front bucket seats, a comfortable back seat, carbon dashboards, and ample space for movement.

7. Skater 46 Pleasure

Top Speed: 175 miles per hour
Horsepower: 2 x 1500 hp
Engine: Teague Custom
 Year: 2002

Skater 46 Pleasurephoto source:  Skater Powerboats

Originally constructed to replace the 40 Classic in racing, the Skater 46 Pleasure was an instant hit on the APBA Offshore Circuit, winning its first Key West Offshore Championship. Even a vessel as enormous as the 46 could secure the top Cat position in the Open and Superboat classes.

The Skater 46 Pleasure is a fast and powerful vessel. The Skater 46 Pleasure has two 1500-horsepower Teague Custom engines for a total of 3000 horsepower.

Dual fuel tanks with a maximum capacity of 1,000 liters are included on the Skater. It is capable of over 100 mph for extended periods and is built for gentle landings in turbulent conditions.

6. Lamborghini Aventador

Top Speed: 180 miles per hour
Horsepower: 1550 hp
Engine: T-engine
 Year: 2017

Lamborghini Aventadorphoto source:  Top Gear

The Lamborghini “Aventador Super Veloce” is a custom-built 52-foot speedboat capable of 180 mph on the open seas. It has been constructed to match the 2016 “Aventador” supercar in every aspect. The two are currently being sold as a luxurious package by the James Edition, an elite car, boat, motorcycle, jet, and helicopter dealer.

This “verde singh” green machine is quicker than the Aston Martin “AM37 powerboat.” Its owner claims it is one of the world’s fastest-performance boats.

The cockpit of the speedboat has room for six people and is designed to look like the inside of a car. For example, a “Race” and “Pleasure” button lets you switch between the boat’s top speed and a slower, more relaxing speed.

Did You Know:

The Lamborghini Aventador Super Veloce also features a $25,000 stereo and 10,000 underwater LEDs, allegedly excellent for attracting plankton-eating marine animals.

5. The Spirit of Qatar

Top Speed: 244 miles per hour
Horsepower: 2 x 3000 hp
Engine: Turbojet
 Year: 2014

The Spirit of Qatarphoto source:  Lake Expo

This is the fastest catamaran available and is among the fastest boats in the world. The Spirit of Qatar’s dual 9,000-horsepower Lycoming turbines enables this catamaran to reach a ridiculous speed of 244 mph. The 50-foot-long, turbine-powered Spirit of Qatar is a terrific eye-catcher.

Sheikh Hassan bin Jabor Al-Thani, a prominent powerboat racer, broke the Lake of the Ozarks Shootout speed record in his Al Adaa’am 96 Spirit of Qatar catamaran at a speed of 244 miles per hour.

In Hassan’s first attempt at the Shootout on August 23, at around 10:30 a.m., the Al Adaa’am 96 Spirit of Qatar 50-foot catamaran encountered difficulties when a mechanical issue forced the parachute to deploy early in the mile-long course. Even so, the turbine-powered Mystic reached 210 mph and broke the previous Shootout record, which had stood since 2013.

With his boat fixed, Hassan reached the starting line early in the afternoon. The Spirit of Qatar abruptly crossed the finish line as the two-mile-long crowd of fans roared. But, unfortunately, Tomlinson’s record would only hold for one year: Sheikh Hassan’s Al Adaa’am 96 had achieved 244 mph, 20 mph faster than My Way.

Did You Know:

Since Sheikh Hassan resigned as head of the Qatar Marine Sports Federation in March 2015, further plans for the Spirit of Qatar squad have been postponed.

4. Mystic Powerboats C5000 Turbine

Top Speed: 250 miles per hour
Horsepower: 2 x 1850 hp
Engine: T53-703
 Year: 2011

Mystic Powerboats C5000 Turbinephoto source:  Speed on the Water

Mystic Powerboats, which is situated in Florida, is the company that is responsible for producing the C5000 turbine. It has a total engine power of 3700 HP, which comes from its two engines that each provide 1850 HP, and it can easily achieve cruising speeds of 150 MPH.

The C5000 is widely regarded as one of the most powerful speedboats currently available anywhere globally. The C5000 has a top speed of up to 250 miles per hour during testing.

Diesel fuel propels the mighty beast that is the C5000. However, even though its fuel tank has a capacity of 600 gallons, it has only logged 15 hours of engine time.

The length of the C5000 is close to 15 meters. Electronic instruments such as a log speedometer, plotter, navigation center, and GPS are included in its standard configuration. The radio, CD player, and cockpit speakers are other conveniences for your enjoyment throughout the joyride.

Did You Know:

It features a road trailer and a launching trailer, which facilitate easy land mobility. In addition to its lightning-quick speed, this catamaran’s cockpit features air conditioning.

3. Problem Child

Top Speed: 262 miles per hour
Horsepower: 8000 hp
Engine: Hemi V8
 Year: 2013

Problem Childphoto source:  Dragzine

The boat, “Problem Child,” owned by “Fast” Eddie Knox, is the current world champion of the Lucas Oil Drag Boat Series Top Fuel division. It also holds 15 of the quickest 1,000-foot elapsed times in the sport’s history, including the current national records of 3.396 seconds and 258.26 miles per hour.

Despite this, the boat has been clocked at speeds of over 260 miles per hour and has posted times as low as 3.36 seconds in the past.

Ironically, its ability to travel at extremely high speeds is the source of its name. Eddie Knox’s Problem Child is the world’s quickest drag boat because of its incredibly powerful engine with 8000 horsepower.

The Problem Child is the most advanced racing machine that can be used on water. This incredible speed monster seems like it’s flying right through the water. This extraordinarily quick drag boat can reach speeds of over 250 miles per hour, and as it travels through the water, it is known to produce a wall of water in its wake.

Did You Know:

Problem Child uses various lubricants from Red Line Oil, such as 70WT race oil, heavy shockproof gear oil, liquid assembly lube, and many more.

2. The Bluebird K7

Top Speed: 276 miles per hour
Horsepower: 3500 hp
Engine: Jet engine
 Year: 1955

The Bluebird K7photo source:  BBC

The Bluebird K7 is one of the world’s fastest boats. It is one of the oldest and fastest hydroplanes of the twentieth century, with a peak speed of 276 mph. In the 1950s and 1960s, Donald Campbell recorded the highest water speeds with this incredible hydroplane. From July 1955 through December 1964, he set seven speed records.

In 1964, the Bluebird K7 clocked in at an unbelievable 276 mph.

Campbell tragically died in 1967 while attempting to record a speed of 300 mph. The Bluebird’s remains were found between October 2000 and May 2001.

Campbell’s daughter has formally donated the salvaged wreckage of the Bluebird to the Ruskin Museum. It is thought that the Bluebird Project is conducting testing for Bluebird K7’s reintroduction to Scottish waters.

Bluebird K7 was a steel-framed, aluminum-bodied, three-point hydroplane powered by a Metropolitan-Vickers Beryl axial-flow turbojet engine that generated 3,500 pounds of thrust (16 kilowatts). For the 1966–67 season, the engine was modified to a Bristol-Siddeley Orpheus, producing 4,500 pound-force (20.6 kN), and the famous tail fin (from a Folland Gnat) was fitted.

Donald Campbell’s Bluebird K7 was constructed to break the world water speed record. Bluebird was a hydroplane, a unique type of watercraft that glides over the water’s surface instead of pushing through it.

Did You Know:

In August 2018, the preliminary phases of the Bluebird restoration project were brought to a successful conclusion. She was hauled to Loch Fad and refloated on August 4, 2018.

1. The Spirit Of Australia

Top Speed: 317 miles per hour
Horsepower: 3000 hp
Engine: Westinghouse J34, turbojet
 Year: 1978

The Spirit Of Australiaphoto source:  Wikipedia

With a record-breaking top speed of 317 miles per hour, The Spirit of Australia is the fastest boat in the world.

Ken Warby drew the plans for his hydroplane Spirit of Australia on the family kitchen table in 1970. Warby created and constructed the 317.6-MPH-capable Spirit of Australia in his backyard.

He could only build the boat in good weather and during daylight hours; he purchased plywood and lumber as his budget allowed, and he used just three pieces of power equipment: a drill, a circular saw, and a belt sander.

The remainder of the work was completed using hand tools. Warby attended a RAAF surplus auction in Sydney and purchased three J-34 engines, two for $100 apiece and one for $60; they would serve as his power supply.

The speedboat was powered by Westinghouse J34 jet engines employed in airplanes and combat jets. The Spirit of Australia is permanently on exhibit at the Australian National Maritime Museum.

Numerous individuals have attempted to surpass Warby’s world record for water speed, but none have been successful. Additionally, Warby constructed the Aussie Spirit as a replacement for the Spirit of Australia.

Did You Know:

Ken Warby is the first and only person in the world to design, construct, and achieve an unlimited water speed record in a boat he drove alone.

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