8 Fastest ATVS On The Market

Whether you do it for a living or leisure, driving an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) is fun and exhilarating. ATVs are designed and constructed for various activities, such as farming, racing, hunting, recreation, emergency services, and other uses.

The demand for these automobiles is increasing as their popularity rises. Every year, companies compete with one another to see which brand can provide the most superior product and claim the title of “best on the market.”

Having a quick ATV that can dart through the air and propel over the dunes with ease is the ultimate goal of any ATV rider. Therefore, speed is one of the most important considerations when deciding which all-terrain vehicle (ATV) to purchase rather than the other two options. Here are the fastest ATVs on the market.

8. Yamaha YZF 450R

Top Speed: 75 miles per hour
Horsepower: 39 hp
Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price: $9,000
 Country of Origin: Japan

Yamaha YZF 450Rphoto source: webBikeWorld

It’s no exaggeration to say that the Yamaha YZF is among the quickest all-terrain vehicles that Yamaha has ever produced. In 2009, the YFZ450r engine was upgraded with a larger throttle body, a 42mm Mikuni instead of the 39mm used in 2008, and 12-hole fuel injectors.

Also featured is an ISC (Idle Speed Control) for quick starting and preheating. The outcome is the same torque, rpm, and power expected from the YFZ450 but with enhanced responsiveness and overall performance.

The Yamaha YFZ 450r also improves rider comfort. The revised seat design, softer plastics, and more sensitive intake system will delay the “throttle thumb.” The YFZ450r seat is also designed to hold you in place during extreme riding, thanks to a small front and broader back.

Did You Know:

The inner lip of the wheels has been rolled in to enhance durability, allowing for a decrease in weight without sacrificing strength.

7. Bombardier DS650

Top Speed: 75 miles per hour
Horsepower: 45 hp
Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price: $7,000
 Country of Origin: Canada

Bombardier DS650photo source: AutoEvolution

Numerous unique characteristics of the Bombardier DS650 make it appropriate for long-distance off-roading. A 653cc Rotax single-cylinder engine powers the 2004 Bombardier DS650. In addition, it features a 5-speed manual transmission that allows riders to utilize its brute force to the fullest extent in various situations.

The electric starter adds ease to the game. From racing on a dirt track to more leisurely woodland trail riding, the 2004 Bombardier DS650 will give the rider both excitement and the sensation of invincibility.

It has a peak speed of around 75 mph. This ATV also boasts a fuel capacity of 3.5 gallons and an electronic starter. Additionally, its ground clearance is around 11.6 inches.

Did You Know:

The “DS” stands for “Dune Sport,” as it was designed specifically for sandy terrain.

6. Arctic Cat Thundercat 1000

Top Speed: 80 miles per hour
Horsepower: 70 hp
Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price: $10,499
 Country of Origin: United States

Arctic Cat Thundercat 1000photo source: AutoEvolution

Arctic Cat’s 951cc 90-degree V-Twin engine is among the most powerful on the market. A massive single overhead cam 951cc fuel-injected V-Twin four-stroke sits at a 90-degree angle in the chassis for better efficiency, ground clearance, and center of gravity. EFI, clutching, and hemispherical heads give this sucker head-snapping throttle responsiveness.

High-speed four-wheeler with a fully automated CVT gearbox. High-performance ATV with liquid-cooled V2 four-stroke engine. It’s Arctic Cat’s quickest ATV. It’s also strong. Arctic Cat Thundercat 1000 tows 1000 pounds. The beast has an 11-inch ground clearance. 48 inches long, 47.5 inches wide, and 48 inches tall.

This quad bike can reach 80 mph despite its 716-pound dry weight.

Did You Know:

Thundercat engineers collaborated with Maxxis engineers to develop stronger sidewalls and revised tire carcasses for enhanced traction, durability, and ride handling.

5. Can-Am Outlander X XC 1000

Top Speed: 80 miles per hour
Horsepower: 91 hp
Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price: $14,600
 Country of Origin: Canada

Can-Am Outlander X XC 1000photo source: Hicklin Powersports

The Can-Am Outlander X XC 1000 is a multipurpose ATV with high-quality components, such as its 91-horsepower Rotax V-twin engine. It has the same 91 horsepower engine as Can-Am Renegade X XC 1000R, although many people believe that the Can-Am Renegade X XC 1000R is the ATV has the most power.

It is not unheard of to come across a powersports fanatic who has customized his Can-Am Outlander X XC 1000 by installing better tires and a snorkeled engine. In addition, they upgraded to an engine equipped with a snorkel for driving in muddy terrain.

Did You Know:

It has a high-performance power steering system, hand guards, mudguards, bumpers in front of and behind the vehicle, and front and back bumpers.

4. The 2021 CFMOTO CForce 1000 Overland

Top Speed: 80 miles per hour
Horsepower: 75 hp
Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price: $10,349
 Country of Origin: China

The 2021 CFMOTO CForce 1000 Overlandphoto source:  Main Street Cycle

The 2021 CFMoto CForce 1000 Overland is a new quad that stands apart from the rest of the CForce line of ATVs in several ways. First, in its standard configuration, it is a serious contender for the title of fastest ATV.

The manufacturer gave this monster a 963cc V-2 engine with a healthy 79 hp and 60 lb-ft of torque. In addition, the CVTech-IBC continuously variable transmission is standard on all of them. The combination delivers an energetic performance, with brisk acceleration and powerful pick-ups. As a result, this motor is perfect for a wide range of Overland applications.

This quad can hit speeds of up to 80 mph, making it one of the quickest ATVs of 2021 and one of the fastest vehicles ever. In addition, because of the large back storage box, this ATV is ideal for use on adventures. With a 0-60mph time of 11.7 seconds, it is unquestionably a top contender for the finest ATV of 2021.

Did You Know:

This model’s unique CST Clincher tires provide excellent traction on sandy paths, dense grass, and rough terrain.

3. Suzuki LT500R Quadracer

Top Speed: 82 miles per hour
Horsepower: 51 hp
Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price: $3,299 (Original List Price)
 Country of Origin: Japan

Suzuki LT500R Quadracerphoto source: weBikeWorld

The Suzuki LT500R Quadracer has earned the nickname “Quadzilla” due to its incredible peak speed. It’s one of the heaviest ATVs on the market, and it also happens to be one of the fastest.

The engine on the Suzuki LT500R is a two-stroke SAEC that runs on liquid cooling. Its bore-to-stroke ratio is 86 to 86 millimeters (3.386 x 3.386 inches). There is a 499-cm3 (30.4 in3) displacement volume for the piston and a 6.3:1 volume-to-volume ratio after correction.

A flat-slide Mikuni TM38SS carburetor controls the air-fuel combination, and a polyurethane foam element in the air filter further purify it.

Its design is optimized for high-velocity racing. Despite having a limited production run, the Suzuki 500 Quadzilla is widely regarded as a technological masterpiece and one of the finest racing bikes.

Did You Know:

Infamous for being extremely powerful, the LT500r was pulled from the market after numerous people were hurt by its high-performance design.

2. Honda TRX 700XX

Top Speed: 86 miles per hour
Horsepower: 53 hp
Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price: $4,000
 Country of Origin: Japan

Honda TRX 700XXphoto source: Honda

The Honda TRX 700XX is an enduring piece of all-terrain vehicle history. Finding an engine with such great performance is rare, but this one does. This ATV’s peak speed is around 86 mph. The new TRX700XX is equipped with a 686cc single-cylinder, single-overhead-cam, liquid-cooled, dry-sump engine and a five-speed transmission with reverse.

The diameter and stroke dimensions of this new engine are 102mm by 84mm. A Keihin PGM-FI fuel injection system with a 44mm throttle body supplies the engine with fuel. In addition, Honda’s industry-leading airboxes and air filter systems provide the throttle body with clean air.

The vehicle’s centralized chain drive system made the larger axle shafts and dual A-arms possible. This allowed for a more constant tire contact patch and predictable handling, regardless of whether the vehicle was traveling in a straight line, over rough terrain, or through corners.

Did You Know:

The seat is ergonomically designed to be relaxing and supportive, making it ideal for casual and sporty rides.

1. KTM 525 XC

Top Speed: 80-87 miles per hour
Horsepower: 53 hp
Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price: $10,998
 Country of Origin: Austria

KTM 525 XCphoto source: Dirt Wheels Magazine

In addition to achieving full speed quickly, the KTM 525 XC is the fastest ATV on the market, with a top speed of around 80 to 87 mph. This ATV’s peak speed relies on several parameters, including tire size and gear ratio.

Regarding chassis qualities, which are important for road grip, handling behavior, and ride comfort, the KTM 525 XC has a Double-cradle frame composed of chrome-molybdenum steel tubing, a powder-coated frame with Independent wheels suspension with a double wishbone, and rigid axle at the rear. Front tire sizes are 21/7-10, and rear tire sizes are 20/11-9.

Another amazing feature of the KTM 525 XC is its modest weight. This ATV only weighs around 359 pounds. It has a capacity of 3.54 gallons and a single-cylinder, four-stroke engine. The vehicle has a ground clearance of 11.42 inches. Not only is it great for trail riding, but it is also the ideal ATV for cross-country off-road racing and any sand dune competition you may encounter.

Did You Know:

A deep-mounted oil sump without an external oil tank has been installed to further center vehicle mass.

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