8 Fastest Anime Characters Ever

The otaku subculture is home to some of the world’s largest fan bases. Favorite characters are hotly contested among anime enthusiasts. There is no end to the amount of heated debate that can be held among anime lovers since there are so many amazing series and characters to talk about.

These heroes, villains, and other influential individuals are frequently compared to one another. For example, one of the most discussed topics is which anime character is the strongest, while others may be curious about which is the fastest.

The incredible speed at which these heroes can move allows them to avoid and deal devastating damage to their opponents. They can outrun anyone and anything from any universe; some utilize their incredible speed to go across the world in a matter of seconds, while others use it for fun.

This article will examine some of the most fast-paced anime characters ever created.

8. Koro Sensei

Speed: up to Mach 20
Anime: Assassination Classroom
 Creator: Yusei Matsui
 Year Debuted: 2012

Koro Senseiphoto source:  Assassination Classroom Wiki

Korosensei is the secondary character and antihero of Assassination Classroom. He is the homeroom teacher of Class 3-E at Kunugigaoka Junior High School. He said he was the one who made the perpetual crescent moon and that, after a year of teaching Class 3-E, he intended to destroy the planet.

When it comes to hypersonic flight, Koro-Sensei is your only option. He has the appearance of an octopus and the skills of a god, such as regeneration, poison immunity, and superhuman speed, all of which are the result of human experimentation. With his incredible abilities, Koro-Sensei can jet around the planet at Mach 20.

Did You Know:

Korosensei is a portmanteau of the Japanese terms for “unkillable” (koro) and “teacher” (sensei).

7. Ichigo Kurosaki

Speed: up to Mach 286
Anime: Bleach
 Creator: Tite Kubo
 Year Debuted: 2001

Ichigo Kurosakiphoto source:  ComicBook.com

Ichigo Kurosaki has the capacity to communicate with the dead. From Rukia Kuchiki, he would learn the ways of the Shinigami, becoming a substitute Shinigami who battles to save the people he loves from the forces of darkness.

He would eventually discover the secrets to unleashing the full range of his abilities, from the hollow that resides inside his soul, Zangetsu, and finally revealing his Hollowfied mask and form through his fights and training.

Ichigo, Bleach’s protagonist, has superhuman strength, reflexes, and speed to fight the strongest enemies. Ichigo had incredible speed even before he learned Shunpo, a speed technique that allows its bearer to move so quickly that it escapes the human eye. When fighting, he can quickly strike and land blows on his opponents and quickly dodge their assaults. In addition, he can travel at speeds up to Mach 286.

Did You Know:

The door of Ichigo’s room has the digit “15,” which may be significant to him. This is a play on his name since “ichi” means “one” and “go” means “five” in Japanese.

6. Saitama

Speed: Faster than the speed of sound
Anime: One-Punch Man
 Creator: ONE, Yusuke Murata
 Year Debuted: 2012

Saitamaphoto source:  One-Punch Man Wiki

Saitama is a hero from Z-City and does heroic acts as a pastime. He’s been training for three years to the point where a single punch would kill any opponent, and now he’s bored because of his superior strength. So after Saitama fights a monster that beats Genos, he reluctantly mentors him.

Genos wants revenge on another cyborg who slaughtered his family and devastated his hometown. But, through Genos, Saitama finds out about a group of heroes who are also working to eradicate the monsters.

Saitama’s incredible speed talents were showcased in the popular anime. There was so much intensity in Saitama’s fight with Boros that he was blown to the moon and returned to Earth in about a minute and a half. He reached a speed of 256,266 kilometers per hour (or Mach 753,059), which is faster than the average speed of sound.

Did You Know:

Saitama’s name is presumably inspired by Japan’s Saitama Prefecture, where ONE resides and first created the manga.

5. Jojiro Takajo

Speed: Near the speed of light
Anime: Charlotte
 Creator: Jun Maeda
 Year Debuted: 2015

Jojiro Takajophoto source:  Charlotte Wiki

Jojiro is a freshman and a representative on the student council at Hoshinoumi Academy. He can make it look like he’s teleporting by moving at extremely high rates, but he never knows exactly where he’ll end, so he’s always in the hospital and sporting fresh wounds. Since this is a problem, he must hide safety equipment under his clothing.

Due to his lack of mastery over his powers, Jjiro frequently crashes into obstacles on his way to his intended goal, sending him to the hospital and causing extensive property damage. He takes precautions by wearing armor under his uniform and by exercising frequently.

As a result of his high-speed travel, time seems to slow down, suggesting that he travels at speeds close to Mach 874030 or just below the speed of light.

Did You Know:

Jojiro is quite reminiscent of Takamatsu from Angel Beats!, even down to the voice actor that portrayed both characters.

4. Kizaru

Speed: Faster than the speed of light
Anime: One Piece
 Creator: Eiichiro Oda
 Year Debuted: 2008

Kizaruphoto source:  Dunia Games

Kizaru, one of the Marines’ three admirals,  is a high-ranking officer. His Japanese name means “yellow monkey,” although his actual name is Borsalino. He was brought up at the outset of Robin’s time with Aokiji.

Kizaru is endowed with the abilities of the Logia-type Devil Fruit Pika Pika no Mi, which he calls “glimmer” or “light.” Since he is a Logia user, he can let items pass through him and rebuild his body from energy particles. In addition, this guy can outrun the speed of light.

Light is the basis for all his attacks, coming from the energy blasts fired from his fingertips and toes. His abilities are very destructive, able to cause massive explosions and level whole cities.

Did You Know:

Kizaru’s design is reminiscent of the late, great Japanese actor Kunie Tanaka.

3. Minato Namikaze

Speed: Faster than the speed of light
Anime: Naruto: Shippūden
 Creator: Masashi Kishimoto
 Year Debuted: 2010

Minato Namikazephoto source:  Narutopedia

In the Naruto series, Minato Namikaze is known as the “Yellow Flash” of Konoha because of his incredible speed. Minato’s mastery of space-time ninjutsu has allowed him to achieve the speeds that have made him famous across the globe.

Minato was Naruto’s father and the village’s fourth Hokage. Protecting his town from the Nine-Tailed Fox and Tobi claimed Minato’s life too soon. Minato utilized his own life energy to conduct the Dead Demon Consuming, which sealed the chakra of the Nine-Tails.

Because of his proficiency with the nearly unbeatable Body Flicker Technique, he is widely considered the era’s swiftest shinobi. When he is fighting, Minato’s speed is so tremendous that it looks like he’s teleporting or traveling at the speed of light itself.

Did You Know:

His surname, Namikaze, means “waves and wind,” while his given name, Minato, means “harbor.”

2. Shinra Kusakabe

Speed: Faster than a jet plane; able to break the sound barrier
Anime: Fire Force
 Creator: Atsushi Ohkubo
 Year Debuted: 2015

Shinra Kusakabephoto source:  Pinterest

Shinra Kusakabe is the protagonist of the 2015–2022 Fire Force manga and its 2019 anime adaptation. He served with Special Fire Force Company 8 as a pyrokinetic in generations three and four.

Twelve years ago, Shinra’s mother and presumably his younger brother were killed. He became determined to become a hero, save others from spontaneous human combustion, and learn the truth about their deaths. This led him to join the Special Fire Force.

In Fire Force, Shinra is the quickest due to his ignite ability, greatly enhancing his mobility and speed. Using his kicks, he can reach speeds greater than those of a jet plane and break the sound barrier. Additionally, he can create enormous quantities of force, improving his weak physical abilities. Because of this, he can outwit and outrun even the strongest foes.

Did You Know:

The fighting technique of Shinra appears to be heavily influenced by capoeira, a combat system from Brazil.

1. Whis

Speed: 5 septillion times faster than the speed of light
Anime: Dragon Ball Super
 Creator: Akira Toriyama
 Year Debuted: 2017

Whisphoto source:  ComicBook.com

Whis from Dragon Ball Super is the fastest anime character ever, capable of running 5 septillion times faster than the speed of light. Whis, as Beerus’s Guide Angel Attendant, possesses tremendous strength and a wide range of superhuman powers, the most remarkable of which is his speed.

Whis is the being with the quickest speed in the Dragon Ball universe. Beerus, the God of Destruction of Universe 7, studies martial arts under Whis, his Guide Angel Attendant.

He, like other angels, is an offspring of the Grand Minister. He is committed to the service of Beerus, as are all his attendants, and rarely goes anywhere without his god. Given that his response time exceeds that of a human’s synapses, he may easily defeat any adversary.

Within a few short minutes, he can go anywhere in the cosmos. That is far faster than anything in our world with which we could reasonably draw comparisons.

Did You Know:

The original creator of the series, Akira Toriyama, gave Beerus’ attendant the name Whis, which he derived from the word “whisky.” However, Toriyama assumed that Beerus’ name stemmed from the word “beer,” thus he gave Beerus’ attendant the name Whis.

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